Only You Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It is so dark and deadA
Every moment I open the pages of my pastB
There is something I never understandC
like a part of me is yelling for lightD
But the moment you took that pathway and came in sightD
And gave that face that brightened your smileE
You filled every bit and tint of my broken memoryF
And answered the question i d longed to askG
Then I knew even down the rope of lifeH
A smile costs as much as a lifeH
There were those who left traceable traits in my heartI
Those who left theirs footprints imprinted like a scarJ
I thought they would stay but they didn tF
They just faded awayK
Like the sun at sunsetL
But you came with your wings of flightD
And took me to a land called paradiseM
If there s someone who gives life a meaningN
And makes me cherish every moment aliveO
Then it s youP

Mosh Wolf
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/21/2021

Poet's note: Romance


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