It all started as a game
and at the moment
I thought that I was the champion
Love to me was Silly

Until I realized
That the more
We became closer
The player in me started fading away

Then regrets came by
All at once
I felt like a fool coz love
Was just a fairytale to me

Stress became my Ride or Die and
knowing that loving you was going to
hurt me more than pushing you away

Without noticing
I got married to anxiety
and for some unknown reasons
It made me happy

Shattered in pieces
Lost in thoughts
My mind started overdosing on
the pain that I brought in my life...

Sadly,it sucked the life out of my soul
She smiled and said:Being a coward
Will take you nowhere,then I realized
That she was telling the truth
But the thought of being with you
Imprisoned my heart