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  • Bruise
    lunatic teacher who mastered in cruelty
    By throwing out a small girl student from the first
    Floor of the school, she devasted her life.
    A brutal teacher who threw out her wisdom, ...
  • Bad Vibes
    Love- now here is token,
    It was trampled .
    Here, the subject is woman.
    She trampled her lover; ...
  • Enigma
    It was a crux in our life and an ,
    endeavour tearing down
    For one thing that does not tolerate ...
  • Undulating
    He made it very clearly and successfully
    An award for his nation by his juggling performance.
    He and his Stooges made an epitome of
    Success; crafted it after a chronic failures. ...
  • Stymied
    He wobbled all the time he had,for all his life was a pit,where there he faced undigested and murky life problems .
    He could not thrive for achieving his aims,
    His life was bucket in every steps and that blurred almost his time,
    His family had with intense derision, his wife conceived arrogance ...
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