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UncvrngTheTruth: Bill Kristol thinks Biden is going to appoint Kamala Harris to the SCOTUS, and appoint Mitt Romney as his VP. Wow! Mitt Romney? The guy who ran against Obama/Biden in 2012 and LOST? The guy who BLOCKED the Voting Rights’ Act? The worst political take in history. Congrats, Bill!

MZHemingway: Liz Cheney is making *so* so so so so much money off of her decision to help Nancy Pelosi's J6 tyranny -- but interesting to see which GOP folks are helping her raise that money.

RpsAgainstTrump: Conservative commentator Bill Kristol just suggested President Biden should pick Kamala Harris for the Supreme Court. After her resignation, Mitt Romney will replace her as VP. With this moves, Democrats have the best chance to win the midterm elections. What do you think?

Deno2233: Of course he will. Once a Rino always a Rino. Two peas in a pod.

PaulCogan: BREAKING: Mitt Romney is participating in a fundraiser to help Rep. Liz Cheney defeat a far-right radical Trumper in a primary for her Senate seat — Cheney has been targeted by radical Republicans for siding with Democrats against Trump.

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: Mitt Romney is participating in a fundraiser to help Rep. Liz Cheney defeat a far-right radical Trumper in a primary for her Senate seat — Cheney has been targeted by radical Republicans for siding with Democrats against Trump. RT IF YOU HOPE LIZ BEATS HER MAGA ENEMY!

NoAlgae69: One of the biggest ironies ever… Mitt Romney is now more of a boogeyman to Republican voters than Barack Obama

Buddy3880309: I'd bet the piece of crap would.

AatmanVakil: Mitt Romney being right yet again. For decades the federal government has incentivised poverty, disincentivised the family structure, and has trapped millions in a vicious cycle of poverty. It’s time to scale back or fine-tune certain programs and incentivise productivity.

reesetheone1: Kid rock and Mitt Romney. How did that work out for Willard?

flagflyer39: He a damn democrat for God's sake, infiltrating the Republican party. He will be a other Mitt Romney

witterupnorth: Thinking about the time Mitt Romney said "my favorite meat is hot dog".

hannahbobanah_: thinking about when i saw mitt romney at the airport

IAMDanBot: Mitt mitt romney style

FedSoccermom: Mitt Romney has occasionally proposed some cool stuff e.g. child tax credit but Sasse is just a club for growth guy. Time to revoke his Maverick badge

CycloneKenya1: Leadership - leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. - Mitt Romney

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of Cori Bush

CPostcapitalism: Liberals mocked Bernie Sanders for an "arcane" reference to the overthrow of Mossadeq. Hilary Clinton said Africa needed to "get over" colonialism and stop blaming its poverty on "what happened 50, 100, 200 years ago." Mitt Romney said America "doesn't coddle dictators." So yes.

GordonTredgold: Leadership - leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. - Mitt Romney

ao3simulator: Victorian!Tom Nook/Mitt Romney

BronzeAgeBot: Imagine a Mitt Romney, but different… a Romney who actually was capable of acting like he looks, and was worthy of his looks. Imagine a younger Romney who rouses the nation to a new war, against India, through power of charisma and speech alone.

therecount: “Uh ... no, it didn’t.” — Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman on whether it occurred to him to leave Sen. Mitt Romney behind on January 6.

DaniiellePa: remember when we found out that mitt romney had a secret twitter account?

JackPosobiec: George W Bush, Mitt Romney, and Bill Gates sitting together at the 2008 Beijing Olympics

uterenonnumera: The question is what will Mitt Romney do as president if his policy is simply to be hands off and let the government be made so small it can be drowned in a bathtub. In the 21st century global economy, no state alone has the ability to compete against China.

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of AOC

ojelrodriguez: Mitt Romney seems like a prophet when he warned during the 2012 election about Russia.

wikiarticle: As a result of incumbent U.S. President Barack Obama's re-election victory over Mitt Romney, reaction emanated from across the world including states and other institutions. Several U.S. embassies around the world held mock elections and

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of Cori Bush

sketchygothandz: The Quartering is the Mitt Romney of Anti-SJWs. The difference is Mitt Romney can at least hold his bowels.

DirkL31977: Remember this? Biden and Obama are two hens in a coop ... willing to let Putin count the hens ..

7homas777: But its OBVIOUS to ANYBODY 'cept maybe Mitt Romney and NERDS who never leave their house that these Dudes are HARDCORE gangbangers. If you 'bang like that - it IS your ''JOB''. 24/7 you are slinging DOPE, settling BUSINESS, doin DIRT, runnin street DIPLOMACY.

RpsAgainstTrump: How far we have fallen from the days of Ronald Reagan, John McCain and Mitt Romney

Cernovich: Bailing out “hospitals” is giving money to private equity and vulture capital funds. That money will go to Mitt Romney’s BAIN bros, not to doctors and nurses. Which is why Congress wants to do it!

2050CyberSurfer: Democrats find Putin on Ukraine's doorstep after years of downplaying the Russian threat Obama scoffed at Mitt Romney in 2012 for saying Russia was 'the biggest geopolitical threat

susie_lastname: I cannot imagine how Senator Mitt Romney can stick with the denial about January 6th when he was lucky to have escaped the mob that day.

AmericanWoman_0: Oct 2016: No candidate in history has used the kind of ‘rigging’ rhetoric that Trump used: After Mitt Romney lost to President Obama in 2012, Trump went on a Twitter rampage claiming the election was rigged: “We should have a revolution in this country!”

sddphoto: Trump brands FBI agents 'human scum' and calls CNN reporter 'brainless' in press conference meltdown

RpsAgainstTrump: Mitt Romney was right about Russia in 2012.

RealJimisSlim: Just your regularly schedule tweet that Mitt Romney told everybody a decade ago that Russia was the biggest threat to the US but the "cool" president said the 1980s called they want their foreign policy back and everyone laughed and now we are on the brink of a war

hmdoppelganger: Also pls enjoy this out of context Mitt Romney gif

PoliticsFan10: Two of the best President's we never had, one from the left, one from the right, were Hubert Humphrey and Mitt Romney

Skitapostur: Remember when Mitt Romney was frequently mocked by Obama and Biden for saying Russia was still a geopolitical threat in 2012

_RadicalReality: Imagine being for John McCain & Mitt Romney.

DanielWaltz13: Mitt Romney's Olympic Gaffe | The Daily Show

williesband: Mitt Romney's notion of grace is a hypocrite's cover for his support of 99%+ of McConnell's obstruction. Mitt always projects his manners while voting with his fascist Party. There is no middle ground, no compromises possible with a GOP determined to stifle & destroy democracy.

MSNBC: "You ask a billionaire...or a multi-millionaire, like Romney, should you have a millionaire tax, a billionaire tax is like asking a saloon keeper in 1919 what he thinks of Prohibition," Barbara Res says of Sen. Romney's defense of the billionaire tax plan.

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of AOC

Max_Rohtbart: Dreaming of a world where Mitt Romney was elected President in 2012. No President Trump, no President Biden no crazies running the GOP sounds like paradise.

SatiricalTwos: Still hood a bop too. “Ima dog” is coo. But how you gon have these songs vs. his old murzik? Mitt Romney, Master plan, Come thru, Choppa Mem. All them are plaques already he keepin for why?

x_hems: I hardly ever get political. But I clearly remember Mitt Romney getting laughed at when he said the number one geopolitical foe of the US was Russia. I’m praying for a peaceful de-escalation of whatever is happening in Eastern Europe.

natedub9: In the words of Stephen Colbert (circa Feb 2020), "Why couldn't Mitt Romney be President? Oh, yeah. Thanks, Obama!"

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of Rashida Tlaib

RNRenewal: She also voted to convict our greatest President three times during the two impeachment processes. We rightfully don’t forgive Mitt Romney for that – so why defend Sinema?

iCommBot: From a hammered Dick Cheney to a breathtaking Mitt Romney: The Lord loveth a cheerful liar. - The Buzzed Lamia

LateNightNews_5: Is a Charlemagne the god debate between Mitt Romney and Barrack Obama is just what we need?

cityafreaks: How dare lowbies do this. Mitt Romney was right this country hates successful people.

JosephPatJoyce1: Mitt Romney is a Democrat in disguise. He is as much as a criminal as Nancy Pelosi. And that is some serious corruption

longhornderek: Remember how much Democrats dogged on Mitt Romney for saying Russia was the number one geopolitical foe? Russia has shown that he was right over and over again since then.

Geeiapet: "On October 25, 2012, Meat Loaf endorsed Mitt Romney for president, citing poor Russia–United States relations as a major reason he had been "arguing for Mitt Romney for a year". Huh?

wmbrypaul: “That was once true for Republicans as well: Just 10 years ago, voters cycled through multiple alternatives before settling on Mitt Romney.”

seagertp: Defending Big Tech's right to censor, while attacking the same for exercising illegal monopoly power is unprincipled in the extreme. Greenwald is wrong about 1 thing. Listening to Dems sound like Mitt Romney (when it serves their politics) stopped being funny to me long ago.

shinrowse: The Democratic Party is wholly without leadership. But leadership is a hard thing to define. But you could start with what Mitt Romney told his GOP peers about the 2020 election, “tell them the truth.”

LB34GOAT: People like Mitt Romney...and Orrin Hatch know full well what happens at institutions like PCS and other teen abuse factories...shame on them...your children are being mentally physically and chemically abused by the directors and staff of these institutions

Normsmusic: A mind is a terrible thing to waste in most cases. But like Barack Obama said to Mitt Romney... Please proceed.

Inkling61: It is absolutely astonishing that never-trumpers cannot be remotely honest on voter rights. Sykes thinks Biden should look to Mitt Romney, who called Dems call to action HYSTERIA, & claims the laws don’t impinge disproportionately on black voters.

mattsheffield: The waves of reactionaries and conspiracy theorists that have flooded into the GOP hasn't just canceled all the moderates, it's also overwhelmed the few actual conservatives who remain, such as Mitt Romney. It's a trend that predates Trump

RpsAgainstTrump: Mitt Romney on Trump: “He has by far the largest voice and a big impact in my party. I don't know if he's planning to run in 2024 or not, but if he does, I'm pretty sure he would win the nomination." Do you agree?

RpsAgainstTrump: Say whatever you want about Mitt Romney, but to call him a coward is just wrong. Senator Romney is the only senator who has ever voted to remove a president of his own party.

BubblesToBurst: A reminder that the offspring or former staff of Biden, Pelosi, John Kerry & Mitt Romney all had lucrative Ukrainian ties during Biden’s VP reign. The Clintons got millions in donations. Now its war with Russia over their piggy bank

gelatincat: I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm mitt romney's eight sons kip, sam, trot, fergis, toolshed, grisham, hawkeye, and thorp.

LateNightNews_5: Is a Jordan Peterson debate between Mitt Romney and Beto O'Rourke is just what we need?

kylenabecker: The Republicans nominated for president before Trump: George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Let's not delude ourselves: The GOP is almost as big a clown show as the Democratic Party.

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of Cori Bush

vincentmckie49: And don't think I don't know mitt Romney kkk

Newsweek: The veteran Democrat said African Americans were "quite aggrieved" by new voting restrictions across the country.

unruh_jean: Will somebody in the Republican Party please wake up. Mitt Romney was shaking hands with Krysten Sinema.

twodansmgtwo: Ah yes we must highlight the Roman Catholic Koch bros, who like Mormon Mitt Romney hates democracy and our mainstream American unions. They used to love God’s little docile people til our empower by Roosevelt and UNION bargain& a grievance process. Use power and we’re call thugs.

KevinPorter: This is the correct view. Instead of hand-wringing about Mitt Romney’s feelings being hurt over his party being called out for the consequences of their actions, we should look at the hypocrisy of disavowing Trump while supporting his attacks on democracy.

srajaramster: I remember mitt Romney claiming corporations are people when he ran against Obama. No wonder he's not for voting rights. 37%!

JoeGordon83: I seriously loled at Democrats who compared Youngkin to Trump. Youngkin is Mitt Romney without the magical underwear.

JatinRa98205934: EMERGING WINNER TEJASSWI I stand ready to lead us down a different path where we're lifted up by our desire to succeed, not dragged down by a resentment of success. -Mitt Romney

JonesMurphy: Racist white Democrats are strongly allied with Republicans in blocking MLK's legacy, and trying to help Republicans retake Congress and the white House peacefully after January 6th

NefariousNewt: Joe Biden should piss on Mitt Romney's leg, but he's too nice to do something like that.

wrongthinkradio: From the same people who brought classics such as "John McCain", "Mitt Romney" and the chart topper "Donald Trump doesn't have a chance" comes their newest toe tapper "what if we liberalized Conservatism further though Democrats are polling terribly".

CGollier: “If you’re serious about climate, put a price on carbon,” said Senator Mitt Romney of Utah.

jsquaredftl: Remember when Mitt Romney said that Russia was a major threat back in 2012 and then Obama made a mean girl burn joke and everyone laughed at Mitt Romney…and now Joe Biden had to evacuate the embassy in Kiev because Russia might invade Ukraine? Good times

statesman: Mitt Romney said people are "7% poorer now because of Biden inflation." Here's why the claim is mostly false.

burnerwurner123: Mitt Romney is LDS??

jaredcbroom: Remember when Barack Obama said "The '80s called and they want their foreign policy back" in mocking Mitt Romney? Not the greatest foresight for a president. The world would have been better off if Romney had won that election.

jkempcpa: Mitt Romney here looks like I do when I sing karaoke with drunk friends and I am the only one not drunk.

SteveGelder3000: Corporations don’t have to worry about putting their kids through college, how the environment affects their health, or the general condition of the world - they exist just to sell stuff. Unlike what Mitt Romney said at the debates, they are NOT people, My Friends.

CororaBorealis: Every Republican should be Mitt Romney. Are his beliefs problematic? Yes. However, he once got in a physical altercation with a member of the musical duo LMFAO on an airplane. That brings me joy.

shmoodough: you'll never catch republicans doing something like this to mitt romney, linsey graham or mitch mcconnell

ushiromiiyas: 1. mitt romney as rudolf ushiromiya

JoePostingg: Enacting Mitt Romney's child allowance with the "We're Saying Merry Christmas Again Social Security Amendments of 2022"

iCommBot: From a smashed Mitt Romney to a lovely Donald Trump: To err is human (To forgive divine). - The Wild Lamia

Prof_BearB: “We can argue about the wisdom of enacting the Build Back Better bill in current circumstances. But paid family leave, universal pre-K, and a child allowance less generous than Mitt Romney has proposed are hardly the stuff of socialist revolution.”

DuhartKimberlie: Mitt Romney accused Biden of being like Trump because Biden said without voting rights laws passed there may not be legitimate elections from now on. Mitt Romney is a disgrace.

jsundmanus: The two people I most hold responsible for our current situation are John McCain and Mitt Romney. McCain could have derailed Trump by rallying principled Republicans to repudiate him. But he was too busy planning his own hagiographic funeral. That loathsome turd. 1/2

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