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patwiselive: Reminder that Mitt Romney is also very much the problem

JIdensux: Here are the six liberal GOP senators who voted to confirm Mayorkas:  Sen. Shelley Capito,

jordanzakarin: Mitt Romney, trying to defend Howard Schultz, asks whether non-union store employees make less than union store employees. Schultz confirms that is the case — which, as the NLRB has ruled, is illegal.

LukewSavage: It's Mitt Romney's turn to speak, and he begins with a dad joke about being a non-coffee drinking conservative Mormon. Says that it's "ironic [Schultz] is being grilled by people who have never created a single job."

MorePerfectUS: Mitt Romney, trying to defend Howard Schultz, asked whether non-union store employees make less than union store employees. Schultz confirmed that non-union stores actually receive benefits are being withheld from union stores — which, as the NLRB has ruled, is illegal.

SajiAbraham_: Mitt Romney Slams Biden's $400 Billion "Scheme" For Loans

NaughtyDongle: Mitt Romney X Obama is my OTP

socio_steve: Good republican Mitt Romney

MorePerfectUS: Mitt Romney admitted that he would be defending Howard Schultz. He claims that CEOs should not be questioned. Mitt Romney is one of the wealthiest members of Congress.

Clairedelune202: Proverbs 29:4 "The king by judgment establisheth the land: but he that receiveth gifts overthroweth it." And Mitt Romney calls himself a man of God?

sltrib: If the phrase "aid and comfort" sounds familiar, that's because it's the same language used to describe a form of treason. That's how Emery County Republicans describe Mitt Romney's actions toward Democrats in a proposed censure of the U.S. senator.

prem_thakker: Senator Mitt Romney (co-founder of Bain Capital, one of the largest private investment firms in the nation, and whose net worth is reportedly $250+ million) complains about "union greed" during a hearing about Starbucks' alleged union busting.

mkraju: Mitt Romney on Howard Schultz testimony before Senate HELP today: “I think it's kind of rich for folks who have never created a single job in their life to grill someone who's created hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans and people around the world.”

NicoleRedness: Mitt Romney: still a bitch

JordanUhl: Mitt Romney tried to throw an alley-oop to former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz about how benefits in non-unionized stores were better than in unionized stores. Maggie Carter, barista from Knoxville, testified her hours were cut so the company could avoid providing benefits.

therecount: Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) defends former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz: “It’s somewhat rich that you’re being grilled by people who have never had the opportunity to create a single job. And yet they believe that they know better how to do so.”

academicviews: NRA donations (to date) to Senators: Mitt Romney $13,647,676 Ted Cruz $176,274 Chuck Grassley $226,007 Rand Paul $104,456 Lindsey Graham $66,420 Marco Rubio $3,303,355 Mitch McConnell $1,283,515 Marsha Blackburn $1,306,130 Josh Hawley $1,391,548 Richard Burr $6,987,380

KevChe333: Here's some repub hos who bend over for their NRA pimps... $13,647,676 Mitt Romney $104,456 Rand Paul $176,274 Ted Cruz $226,007 Chuck Grassley $1,267,139 Mitch McConnell $1,269,486 Ron Johnson $1,306,130 Marsha Blackburn $1,391,548 Josh Hawley $3,303,355 Marco Rubio AR15s wow

monitor_bias: DeSantis stans always say that Trump can't win independents - and DeSantis will. Even if that is true(even though Baris's most recent poll shows Trump doing better with Indy's than Ron) - Mitt Romney won independents over Obama. How'd that work out for him?

DavidC123453: Is there even one BRAVE Republican who will stand up and say the problem is guns? I doubt it, I don't think any of them have the courage and that includes one of them who takes among the most NRA contributions, Mitt Romney. Don't worry Mitt, they aren't your children dying.

DavidC123453: When will COWARDLY Mitt Romney stand up and ask for gun control? Oh wait, SPINELESS MITT will never. He has gotten more money than anyone from the NRA. SORRY COWARDLY MITT

patsymartin67: Does anyone wonder if the republicans would continue being so pro gun if the NRA quit lining their pockets? I was surprised (even me) that Mitt Romney has gotten $13 million from the NRA. Are there no republicans with any honor?

yc: I don’t know if we came a long way or nowhere from “mitt Romney don’t pay no tax”

RyanHampton: What do Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Donald Trump, Tulsi Gabbard, Jordan Peterson, Thomas Massie, Tucker Carlson, and Mitt Romney (for starters) have in common? Not much except they're considered right wing extremists by the left. But they're not all homogeneous.

joebarton1238: WHO COULD CHANGE THIS TOMORROW ? $104,456 Rand Paul $176,274 Ted Cruz $226,007 Chuck Grassley $1,267,139 Mitch McConnell $1,269,486 Ron Johnson $1,306,130 Marsha Blackburn $1,391,548 Josh Hawley $3,303,355 Marco Rubio $13,647,676 Mitt Romney

mapolibot: Mitt Romney is going to primary Jessy Han.

MAGADevilDog: People are seriously pushing for this flip-flopping son of a bitch to run for President? Does Mitt Romney ring a bell? People are so dumb sometimes.

OleMurica: Ron DeEpstate would be smart to announce today that he is not running for President, endorse Donald Trump and denounce The Bush’s, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and the rest of the RINO’s that he aligned with.

AlanLevinovitz: For all of my Democrat followers: You are confronted with choosing Mitt Romney or Robin DiAngelo for president of the US. Who do you choose?

kimduggeratt: Jerry Moran always seems to vote just like Mitt Romney. When will Kansans decide to replace him?

osakajayms: Why is Mitt Romney still hanging around in Republican party? RINOs should join Democrat Party

Colt_45_Outlaw: Mitt Romney strikes again.

RAMRANTS: Biden has a history of upsetting the black community. In this clip from the '12 campaign trail, Biden brazenly tells an audience "he gon' put y'all back in chains," referring to his GOP opponent, Mitt Romney. This careless quote understandably caused a lot of outrage at the time.

realwinwithryan: The invisible hand of the market always moves faster and better than the heavy hand of government. -Mitt Romney

staheli_g: Maybe Mitt Romney could go over to France and help calm things down. He’s French isn’t he? He goes by Pierre!!!!

wjcarter: Repubs think "communism" is defined as "anything that is a eyelash to the left of Mitt Romney."

spaceghost: I’m gonna put a crew together to throw a Molotov at mitt romney’s house

DraftTulcel: Mitt Romney is to the left of Bernie Sanders

spudhawg: What’s the difference between Mitt Romney and Donald Trump? Mitt Romney won his last election.

newurbanDTMesa: Hah! + a fashion statement-to-boot (same 'modest' dress she wore walking down the aisle w Utah Senator Mitt Romney for Biden's SOTU 2023 speech) LOL

carolsmith11111: Wasn't John Kerry's son & Mitt Romney's son involved? Someone else, too

bankmansneed: How about instead of being a US Senator we get Mitt Romney to play Jor-El in the next Superman movie He doesn't get any input on his dialogue tho

Stonekettle: You find Lindsey Graham. Ted Cruz. Mitt Romney. Matt Gaetz...

LateNightNews_5: Is a Tim Pool debate between Mitt Romney and Patrick Kennedy is just what we need?

jmart: Among the Rs who want McConnell to cut a deal w Sinema: W. Mitt Romney Even if she doesn’t caucus w Rs, Mitt said he wants Sinema back, is open to stump for her in Ariz Consider: In the vote that counts for McConnell, leader, he’s more likely to be backed by Sinema than Lake

RubenGallego: What Republicans are saying about Kyrsten Sinema: It was Sinema who “carried the water for us in this last Congress” -Republican Donor “I could very easily endorse Sen. Sinema” -Sen. Mitt Romney “Without you our taxes would’ve gone through the roof” -Republican Donor

treydayway: This case is whiter than Mitt Romney at a mayo convention in Utah during a snowstorm

sltrib: Owens is not alone among Utah’s congressional delegation in his opposition to student loan forgiveness. Last year, Sen. Mitt Romney called the proposal a “bribe,” while Sen. Mike Lee suggested the move was a politically motivated giveaway.

martha_306: does anyone remember when mitt romney called himself “severely conservative” lol

iCommBot: From a tipsy Kellyanne Conway to a skillful Mitt Romney: Fair words butter no cabbage. - The Small Empousai

SpideyTerry: I'm kidding, of course. Mitt Romney was briefly head of the GOP back in 2012, and he stood up to Russia. Too bad certain folks on the Right ended up rallying around a Putin puppet, despite claiming to have been outraged about the criticism Romney got. Seems hypocritical, no?

TheeRougarou: "(Joseph Cofer Black) served in the administration of President George W. Bush and also served as a senior advisor on international affairs for U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney."

IAMDanBot: Mitt mitt romney style

cumdrop6: Just seen real mitt not a lie Romney on my train there!

drtaubraun: I think every vaccine injured person and every family member whose family is missing a loved one from being murdered by Moderna should pay Mitt Romney a visit and tell him what happened. Watching him praise Stephane Bancel and the U.S. free market economy for making this…

owillis: Stand aside John Kerry and Mitt Romney, here comes a new flip flopper

NaughtyDongle: Mitt Romney X Obama is my OTP

Dark2Light964: He should have mentioned the financial crimes Biden's family are under the pump for. Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi, and John Kerry's children got filthy rich at gas companies in Ukraine, with absolutely zero experience in the field

CoolChange80: Donald Trump never pretends to be a paragon of virtue. Trump knows his shit stinks . He's not a Mitt Romney .

MittRomneyPlaza: Romney Applauds Provo River Delta Restoration Project Milestone - Mitt Romney

RoxyWelling: “INSANITY”: Mitt Romney BLASTS Marjorie Taylor Greene after TRAITOROUS c...

cursedsynth: i keep imagining mitt romney being shown this on the campaign trail and him going: "ha ha! terrific!"

CapJoeLeger: Nikki Haley is Mitt Romney in a skirt - Sundance I say she's proof that Romney and Clinton had a love child. She is the same self-aggrandizing scum that has our country on the brink of civil war. She has no plan to be a serious candidate. She's in it for the money.

iCommBot: From a buzzed Ivanka Trump to a impressive Mitt Romney: You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. - The Totaled Centaur

zniffo: Ron DeSantis is now the Mitt Romney of Nikki Haleys.

MittRomneyPlaza: Expect Russia to wage war again - Mitt Romney

HowardMortman: Trump in Iowa: Ron DeSantis "strongly opposed ethanol...He was very, very bad on ethanol... He also fought against social security. He wanted to decimate it and voted against it three times... He also voted to severely cut Medicare...Ron reminds me a lot of Mitt Romney."

PoliMashup: Sargent Shriver has a secret crush on Mitt Romney UwU

Cbvheartland2: Who had Cornyn on your Mitt Romney Bingo card?

skellxp: for $8000 a month i will stop mitt romney ironing a suit he is wearing on tumblr

RandyOd19134746: Watch Rick Scott Accuses Mitt Romney of 'TRAITOR' act after STUPID suppo...

Strong5590: The more GW Bush, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and the Democrat traitors hate America’s President, the more American Patriots love him.

AlwayzSusan: Mike Pence … destined to be the ‘next Mitt Romney’? |

enjoyer_liberty: I trust Tulsi Gabbard FAR MORE than I trust Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney

mikedurrett7: New body videos from January 6 released. Looks like the whole January 6th committee needs investigated, Plus Mitch Mcconnell plus Lindsey Graham And of course Mitt Romney.

PaulRudnickNY: Here's Mitt Romney dressed as Ted Lasso for Halloween, with Kyrsten Sinema. There's a certain kind of man who sees himself as decent, optimistic and big-hearted, like Ted, Woody from Toy Story or any Kevin Costner character. These men are almost always rich, paranoid and creepy

InTrumpsBrain: I am proud of Mitt Romney never seen in the $8.3 billion dollars to get to be rebuilt.

ArgumentsGod: Remember when you had to pretend Mitt Romney was a great man with a beautiful soul? How about John McCain? Because "we need to win". No. I won't lie for anyone. I cut that out years ago. If Trump or DeSantis or anyone else can't endure honesty, this is all pointless.

JohnEStrom71840: McConnell needs to resign. So do Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and the rest of the RINOs.

mikedurrett7: New body cam videos from January 6 released. Looks like the whole January 6th committee needs investigated, Plus Mitch Mcconnell plus Lindsey Graham And of course Mitt Romney.

MarkDean_Artist: With RINOS like Mitt Romney, who needs Democrats? Or Chinese Communists? Or Russian fascists? Or Iranian Mullahs? Or 3rd World Despots? Or Vampires? Or Vipers? Or…

MittRomneyPlaza: What did Tucker Carlson call Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell? - Deseret News

scaredketchup: Mitt Romney called George Santos a sick puppy but some of the Representative’s outrageous claims can be proven. Here’s video proof

Kanthan2030: In 2012, during the Presidential debate, Obama mocked Mitt Romney for saying that Russia is a threat to the US! "The 1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back. The Cold War has been over for 20 years!" So, how did the Democrats become so rabidly anti-Russia?…

JamesTate121: Hey Mitt Romney With drag in the news again, it is necessary to remind ourselves that this is Brigham Morris Young, performing on stage as Madam Pattirini. He was the son of Mormon leader Brigham Young.

CitizenCohn: Appreciate the normalcy of this quote from Mitt Romney -- and the chance, however briefly, to imagine a world where other high-profile Republicans were similarly serious about debating policy.

hvac69: Mitt Romney's son has the same issues look into that.

mapolibot: Fears about nuclear power have led to Mitt Romney's rise in the polls.

Nowisthewinter7: Remember these REPUBLICAN OMNI traitors: Roy Blunt John Boozman Shelley Moore Capito Susan Collins John Cornyn Tom Cotton Lindsey Graham Jim Inhofe Mitch McConnell Jerry Moran Lisa Murkowski Rob Portman Mitt Romney Mike Rounds Richard Shelby John Thune Roger Wicker Todd Young

MittRomneyPlaza: What Mitt Romney, Mike Lee and Joe Biden said about Silicon Valley Bank - Deseret News

FrangiRick: This is a recent photo of Mitt Romney

jacaissie: I would prefer Mitt Romney as the R nominee but as between two authoritarians, I pick the one more likely to lose

Hummimgbirdfly1: Mitch McConnell,Mitt Romney,Murkowski & Collins deserve a lot of the blame!

PaulaStrand5: On March 14, 2021 The Lord spoke this loudly and strongly to me, “The war has started.” I said to the Lord, “but we’ve always been in a war?” This video answers it. Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney and Q Share for Others ❤ 37 min

HypriestessMs: UTAH- I hope you realize Mitt Romney and MIKE LEE Blocked your insulin from being capped at 35.00 DAMN you people are stupid

ActiveRetirees: ICYMI: Senator Romney is the architect of the TRUST Act, which seeks to gut Social Security behind closed doors. He shouldn't be lecturing anyone about saving Social Security.

d1baldwin: Trump didn’t have support from his own party, such as McConnell, Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Mitt Romney, etc.

Badasslion11: Loser can not win!!! Don't ever give $$$ to a loser. Example Mitt Romney

RogerClark_PSFC: Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital – Rolling Stone

NaughtyDongle: Mitt Romney X Obama is my OTP

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Rukshar: Good poem in education
he is a a very dank memer 2014: he is a a very dank memer 2014

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