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  • Cheristandsup: senators bankrolled by the nra: mitt romney: $13,648,000 richard burr: $6,987,000 roy blunt: $4,556,000 thom tillis: $4,421,000 marco rubio: $3,303,000 joni ernst: $3,125,000 josh hawley: $1,392,000 mitch mcconnell: $1,267,000 ted cruz: $176,000 publicly fund elections now !
  • Iamdanbot: mitt mitt romney style
  • Enock_asamba: i wish all republicans were like mitt romney
  • Boyalfalfa: mitt romney!
  • Janeotn: when mitt romney is the senator who took over $13m from the nra, you know the republicans are not in this for democracy.
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he is a a very dank memer 2014: he is a a very dank memer 2014

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