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  • Kalynnkoury: does anyone wanna kiss while mitt romney style plays in the background
  • Revolt3d: did you see the statement from mitt romney about boebert's islamophobic crap? yeah, me neither.
  • Alexandermccoy4: if what matters is seasonal pageantry, i challenge you to show me the small town populated by 300 clones of mitt romney’s family that has a cuter christmas market than the one in bryant park, or a better tree lighting ceremony than the one at rockefeller center.
  • Stevenh82349089: old maud! (mitt and ann romney mormon church)
  • Reidfermadness: mitt romney. newt gingrich.
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he is a a very dank memer 2014: he is a a very dank memer 2014

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