Disguised in the memories of floating diamonds
Watching the skies from the lens of love
If my heart was void let it be filled with pain
My hope for a perfect future is the gain
A chance I want to take with you

Love me like the world you want
Embrace me in the passionate lust of your heart
Redeeming me from my many pains of fame
A art filled with awards of tears, like my heart frame
You can make my love come through

And I kiss your temple for these
A sacrifice of love, from my heart to yours
Growing higher than heavenly passion
In reality what I seek is my salvation
To atone for my heart and have you

Many art work celebrate passion
Indeed my passion loves you
And loving you is the heart walk
A beautiful image of pillow talk
Reminding me of the rain fall

Glorious Park and green grass
Street light to illuminate our path
An umbrella to shield every distraction
My focus is lusting in your motion
Like the model you are, you are perfect

Capturing my heart walk
Straight into the holds of your pleasure
Painters can’t make this art work perfect
Your reality is beyond what exist
Your reality is my reality and my world

Loving you cured my pain
A portion that makes straight
The ways of a broken man
Mending the broken heart of a lonely man
And in the end making perfect what I have to give

I give you perfect love.