God's Love
What is the love of God?
It comes in different dimensions
We cannot define the love of God
He gave us his son Jesus
That is the love of God
To die for our sins
The love of God
John 3:16
The love of God is believing by faith
The love of God has a progressive growth
That Jesus is the son of God
And that by faith in his name
We call to him and he will answer
And show us great and mighty
Things which we know not
The love of God
Jeremiah 33:3
The love of God is through faith
We keep his commandments
For his commandments are not grievious
His love is meek and gives rest, comfort
To the heavy in heart
His love does not insist or rather force
His love is determined by his word
And from his word
The love of God
1 John 5:3
For he himself is the word
And he is in the word
Only his word determines, defines his love
At different times/dimension
He who has victory
And overcomes the world
Is he that believes
That Jesus Christ is the son of God
The love of God
1 John 5:5
What is faith in Christ/God?
Faith is hope, believe, trust
Understand that he alone
Can do what we expect of him
But without faith
It is impossible to please God
For we as Christians
Must know that and believe
That he is a rewarder of them
That diligently seek him
The love of God
Hebrew 11:1-6
The love of God
Can only remain in Christians
If we pray and read the word of God
For he is his word
And the word of God is love
For we have that which contend
With our faith/love in God
The flesh, the rulers of the dark world
Principalities and powers in high places
So we have to put on the whole armor of God
Love, pray and study the word of God
Continually without season
The love of God
Ephesians 6:12
For he is our shepherd
He will not lead us astray
When we fall he will not utterly
Cast us down but use his rod
And staff to uphold us
With his hands
The love of God
Psalm 23, 37:24
The love of God will open
The eye of our understanding
And give unto us the spirit
Of wisdom and revelation
In knowledge of him being
Enlightened may know the hope
Of his love and calling
And the riches of his glory
Of our inheritance as saints
The love of God
Ephesians 1:17-19
The love of God comes through salvation
And through salvation he called us
By giving his son Jesus to us
Through his love we are able to love him
The love of God