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yeoldegeeene: at least it's mildly made up by the fact it was distributed / funded by mel brooks (it doesn't but it's a good little vignette aside)

FunkyParadise: ON Diva Funk : Mel Brooks - To Be Or Not To Be

JimRosenz: Moses Ten Commandments – Mel Brooks

sirbiggsalot: They finnaly releasing the Mac Miller Madlib project....with that and Mel Brooks HOTW the series coming out..23 bout to be a good year

RoskoLawrence: Every Mel Brooks Movie You Can Enjoy

CDRFunkmeyer: I can understand exactly what Mel Brooks and his comedic genius were up to when he made the movie the producers in 1968. But I can’t for the life of me imagine what Hollywood was up to in 2005 when it made the movie again.

GothlyticalArt: I'm still working with ChatGPT on my business stuff, but moved on to marketing. The scripts it gave me for content is legitimate gold. I asked it to write me videos in the tone of a Powerthirst commercial written by Mel Brooks and Monty Python. I cannot wait to film.

SamuelDMiller: Or cast Mel Brooks. Same argument.

isafitzzz: Mel Brooks & Jiminy Glick

cathcartaaron44: Lol Mel Brooks

JohnApp63499667: Marty Feldman on Young Frankenstein and Working With Mel Brooks | Carson...

noeljossant: Mel Brooks - Its Good To Be The King

richardrushfield: Mel Brooks doing Sinatra.

nanso44: Does anyone remember Mel Brooks movie “blazing saddles” a saloon girl named LILY VON SCHTUP singing “ they come & they go - and always too soon” (I may have misspelled a word). ?? Still laugh when we recall it …….

cartes_et: Mel Brooks Spaceballs Vespa Autographed Signed License Plate Beckett BAS COA

seafoamstrat90: America needs this just to start with, and we need spaces for artistic elders to help younger artists develop their talent in the way Sid Ceaser did for, among many others, Mel Brooks, or the way SNL and SCTV and such were at one point.

cartes_et: Mel Brooks Spaceballs Vespa Autographed Signed License Plate Beckett BAS COA

jeff_cottrill: Mel Brooks and Norman Lear have never received the Mark Twain Prize for Humour. Kurt Vonnegut never got one. But Adam Sandler has one. We need a GIF of Mark Twain puking in his grave.

morvelaira: Tonight's favorite baby game: Lay on mommy's stomach while she rocks side to side on the floor and sings: "Roll, roll, roll with the bab..." She'll get the real Mel Brooks reference when she's older, but for now this version works well.

darinbreeden: Lindsey: I always confuse Mel Brooks and Mel Gibson. I gotta think which is the one that hates jewish people?

BoydsRapeShirt: Sometimes I mix up Mel Brooks and Mel Gibson

DaumNDumber: Love Sandler but how has Mel Brooks not been honored with the Mark Twain Prize???

NoraReed: PSA mel gibson is the shitty racist guy, mel brooks is the spaceballs guy

UniAniNews: Armisen says. “The directors wanted me to push that even more, so they really helped making the character sound more like that. I thought of Mel Brooks doing a character.

Independent: Mel Brooks was holding onto showbiz by ‘skin of my teeth’ before Blazing Saddles

TheIndyFilm: Mel Brooks was holding onto showbiz by ‘skin of my teeth’ before Blazing Saddles

In_site_updates: Mel Brooks says he was ‘hanging onto show business with the skin of my teeth’ before Blazing Saddles -

IndyArts: Mel Brooks was holding onto showbiz by ‘skin of my teeth’ before Blazing Saddles

93DWTW: Mel Brooks Drinking Coffee at the Automat, New York City, c. 1952 Carl Reiner

IndyArts: Mel Brooks was holding onto showbiz by ‘skin of my teeth’ before Blazing Saddles

PatrickFreyne1: I am reading Mel Brooks' memoir and I really like his definition of tragedy and comedy: Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open manhole and die.

Duck_person: Can I just say that Madeline Kahn's opening line is this Mel Brooks 15-minute classic is a fall off your chair marvel. The whole thing is amazing......particularly the dialogue.

HGACinema: Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, and Dick Van Dyke photographed by Andy Gotts. © Andy Gotts

scopophiliamb: Mel Brooks plays a down-and-out movie director who seeks a comeback by making the first silent movie in 40 years.

coreywrites: I don’t speak for The Jews™️ but here’s my suggested road to redemption: 1. Watch the full Mel Brooks Collection boxed set. 2. Visit the Holocaust Museum. 3. Feature Ben Shapiro on a track (he talks faster than Ye’s flow). Rhyme “holla!” & “challah.”

themovement68: Mel Holder featuring Michelle Brooks-Thompson - Phenomenal

OtherConvosSB: High anxiety! This is my best impression of Mel Brooks impersonating Frank Sinatra.

davetroy: Back in 2020-2021 it was pretty clear Snoop was on board when he was participating in pumps with Musk, changing his name to "DOGE" and whatnot. Anyway, networks gonna network. And Sacks, man, not a great look. You're no Mel Brooks, pal.

bestfortheGOB: Mel Brooks is the only guy who'd write a big musical number about and from the perspective of the Spanish Inquisition Love him

KeppleDr: "High Anxiety"-phone booth-strangling scene.

noeljossant: Mel Brooks - Its Good To Be The King

weoutcheea: mel brooks is the goat

bejeezus: This is like a Mel Brooks skit

RobbieJ377: It's hilarious that the most powerful man in the world doesn't know where he is half the time and the richest man in the world is an autist who regularly shit posts memes on the internet. I think Mel Brooks must have authored the current simulation. It's the only explanation.

Spiritronic: I am loving this so much. I remember watching the first part on a random school night back in like 2002 and I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly laugh any harder. Mel Brooks has that rare talent where I laugh to the point of tunnel vision and damn near passing out. I love it!

Henry_Craven: So, does this mean that Mel Brooks be providing the Vic Libs with a new recruitment drive slogan?

terrry3373: Mel Brooks' granddaughter Samantha, 19, steals the show

hasudi: "The only thing we don't have is a god for premature ejaculation... but I hear that he's coming quickly." ~Mel Brooks~

Mag1cH0ur: On this day, March 27th, 1975, Mel Brooks' YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN starring Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle, Marty Feldman and Teri Garr, opened in London..

BklynMichael42: Just sent my son down a rabbit hole of looking up Mel Brooks’ The Producers. My parenting duties are done for the day, yes?

RonaldKristyne: Norman Steinberg dead at 83- Mel Brooks leads tributes to Hollywood screenwriter on Blazing Saddles & My Favorite Year | Celebrity News | Mon | 27 Mar | 13:01 | BST

_Rian_Stone: Technically a Jewish conspiracy [laughs in mel brooks]

TheGldDragon: Well the day starts out interesting when you are trying to wrap your mind around that Mel Brooks produced The Fly

BoushellActor: Manifesting: I will work with these people. Brendan Fraser Keanu Reeves Jim Carrey Carol Burnett Mel Brooks Adam Sandler Steve Carell Tom Hanks Ryan Renynolds Will Ferrell Emma Stone Zooey Deschanel Ana Kendrick Morgan Freeman Johnny Depp Tom Cruise Robert Downey Jr Bill Murray

PaulMcRambles: And, he's considered a rational member of the GOP. To quote Mel Brooks: "F*&k the Poor!"

MichaelWarbur17: The glorious CLORIS LEACHMAN as ‘Nurse Diesel’ in Mel Brooks’ hilarious Hitchcockian homage. Genius. HIGH ANXIETY (1977)

ThisNickMurphy: Mel Brooks is a comedic genius in the same way that Elon Musk is an actual genius.

MomentMagazine: For a lifelong Mel Brooks fan, the release of a History of The World sequel can be a cause for anxiety. How does the new Hulu miniseries hold up?

Giraffelimbs: Insane to me that Mel brooks isn’t at least a little gay

Cruzifixio: So Mel Brooks did a sequel sketch tv series of the History of the World. Here's Hitler on ice.

HypeTornadoF5: Don't believe the hype. "history of the world pt.2" is not actually good. It's "drunk history" with some Mel Brooks voiceover.

TylerDu33389347: Why Mel Brooks needs to modernize Blazing Saddles comedy reboot or remake

kerryshalefanpg: If you want to have provoking funny Jewish jokes, please better leave it to real professionals on that topic. For example, Mel Brooks. Kerry Shale can be extremely funny, too. The jokes leave a completely other impression there, too.

Amanda_Vickery: Anne Bancroft, 1963 Studying a script in the Greenwich Village apartment she lived in with Mel Brooks. Photo: AP Photo

KevinSmithAF: Do we think Kanye is ready for Mel Brooks movies?

emjay3342: In the latest Couch Command, we cover "The Last of Us", "The Mandalorian", the Chinese live action series of "Three Body Problem", the manga "Hunter x Hunter", still watching M. Night Shyamalan's movies, and the legacy of Mel Brooks.

CreamyGiblets: It seems like we are living in a Mel Brooks comedy.

IwriteOK: damn dude Mel Brooks still got it

keekster3333: Mel Brooks & Anne Bancroft perform Sweet Georgia Brown

keekster3333: To Be Or Not To Be (1983) Movie Trailer - Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft & Ti...

ProfessorPlague: Man, wait til the “you couldn’t make this kind of comedy nowadays” crowd sees History of the World Pt 2. Yeah you actually CAN make humor out of painful history. We MUST, in fact. You just have to know what’s funny about it. Mel Brooks is a goddamn treasure. Go watch it.

MichaelWarbur17: “The Inquisition” HISTORY OF THE WORLD, PART I (1981) The genius of MEL BROOKS - one of my very few heroes.

CovfefeAnon: The first point reminds me of a Mel Brooks quote

fauxbeatpoet: Bob Newhart is 93. Mel Brooks is 96. Dick Van Dyke is 97. It’s objectively insane all three of these men are still with us.

FartNewsOnline: Mel Brooks: I’ve tried to get even with Hitler by taking the Mickey out of him

TylerDu33389347: Fun fact about Mel Brooks

TylerDu33389347: Mel Brooks will turn 97 years old this summer 2023

DealsOnProducts: Writers Inspirational Quotes Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under his skin. The talent of a writer is his ability to give them their separate names, identities, personalities and have them relate to other characters living with him. - Mel Brooks

filmpitchbot: Hear me out: a face-off between Squidward and Mel Brooks I wrote it myself

mittbum: Just wait until Kanye hears about Mel Brooks!

Madmaddingcrowd: Be right back curating a Mel Brooks clip collection that we can play for Kanye every morning to keep out the anti semitism.

Sko_neezy: Mel Brooks vs Daniel Day Lewis is an instant classic 8-9 matchup

C_Robinson247: Hearing that Michigan State has parted ways with former GM Saeed Khalif, per source. Some background on Khalif’s tenure at MSU, the 2023 recruiting class, and more (FREE):

hobbyanimations: “Hope for the Best. Expect the worst. Life is a play. We’re unrehearsed.” Mel Brooks

HeatherIsUnsane: Mel Brooks is a national treasure.

lancestein936: I think the best example of passive aggressive behavior in Hollywood is Spaceballs. George said Mel could use the theme but he wasn’t allowed to have any merchandise. So of course because he’s Mel Brooks had a whole skit in the movie about merchandising. It’s truly brilliant.

paulbowdry: Wait until he watches some Mel Brooks movies.

WERANowPlaying: Heaven & Earth, Mel Brooks - "It's Good to Be the King"

JaneotN: Mel Brooks understands DeSantis. Or maybe he just understands dictators.

GregKope: I felt the same after watching Mel Brooks in Spaceballs

rlisakowitz: “Spaceballs” predicted the “Creed” movies in terms of them being the seventh, eighth, and ninth installments of the “Rocky” franchise. Mel Brooks was truly ahead of his time!

Toadcel: His Mel Brooks guy sure is funny, maybe we're wrong about the Jews after all,,,,

MScullimi: He looks like the creepy evil villain is a Mel Brooks movie.

MichaelWarbur17: The original Poster for Mel Brooks’ glorious YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974)

AlexanderMalone: This simply reinforces my long held belief that if Hitler could have somehow been shown the filmography of Mel Brooks, the Holocaust wouldn't have happened.

GaryShell1: Mel Brooks (talking about ‘The Producers’): “Listen, get on a soapbox with Hitler, you're gonna lose — he was a great orator. But if you can make fun of him, if you can have people laugh at him, you win."

TheWJICNetwork: Now playing: Phenomenal (feat. Michelle Brooks-Thompson) by Mel Holder ! Listen live here:

PrinceKellyLynn: I'm about to chill and watch Mel Brooks History of the World I

MPMActingCo: Just watched Mel Brooks' History of the World Part II on Hulu. My review... "This series is so actively unfunny I consider it to be the Adolf Hitler of comedy series since it commits a hellacious holocaust against humor."

potyfan: The History of Mel Brooks: Parts I-X - The Millions

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