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vaderahsokas: fun fact: the toys in the closet are all voiced by famous actors: mel brooks, betty white, carol burnett, carl reiner and alan oppenheimer

ThyToro: My love life is a comedy written by Mel Brooks

ViciousFish: Spending my birthday with my wife and Mel Brooks

mashable: History of the World, Part II is a love letter to Mel Brooks

tholzerman: Mel Brooks!

The89thDoctor: Watching one of my favorite Mel Brooks movies tonight...Robin Hood: Men in Tights

TVMoJoe: 1)Cullen had polio as a kid and therefore had trouble walking (it’s why he is rarely seen doing so on cam.) Mel Brooks didn’t know this, either—until that time he decided to comically imitate his walk, thinking Bill was doing schtick.

ZombiManos: Oh i see, the new Mel Brooks movie is actually a tv series on hulu okay cool !

agreenberg: Chat GPT prompt: “Write a paragraph comparing the movie Spaceballs to the movie Rashomon.” Spaceballs and Rashomon are two very different movies that represent distinct cinematic genres. Spaceballs is a comedy film directed by Mel Brooks that satirizes the Star Wars franchise,…

AmplifiedtoRock: Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go fall asleep watching Mel Brooks discuss the automat.

woodruA: I ❤️ Mel Brooks! The fact that he's trending at 70+ in show-biz is pretty hardcore. You could learn a thing or two from Mel Brooks!

pk_sullivan: Very rude of Mel Brooks to release History of the World Part II when I was on vacation without wifi. I'm 30 seconds into the first sketch and I love it already. Swole Mel is so perfectly Brooskian.

MythinformedMKE: Mel Brooks’ History of the World was praised for being an edgy comedy in 1981. The fact that Hulu’s new Sequel (History of the World II) caters perfectly to Woke ideology tells you everything you need to know about comedy in 2023.

BlueShiftBlog: I'm a huge Mel Brooks fan, but I watched the trailer for the new series, and I'm too terrified to watch it because I'm scared that I might hate it.

montanarealtyc1: Best Comedy scene "History of the World" by Mel Brooks in HD

filmizon: The legendary The Birds (1963) schoolhouse scene and Mel Brooks' spoof of it in High Anxiety (1977).

Route_60plus: This actor, writer & director (on the right), born on March 20, 1922 (d. 2020), was Mel Brooks’s best pal…

senciosomething: mel brooks take the mark twain prize please spare us from having to celebrate Cajun man for three hours

ForeverHollywo3: Paired with Mel Brooks the greatest comedic minds of the 20th and 21st Centuries. His films with Steve Martin are epic.

khmusen: Today my friends informed me that several scenes that I thoroughly believed occured in Star Wars are, in fact, scenes from Spaceballs. I think this is how Mel Brooks would want it.

mills95ifcyx: Young Frankenstein: A Mel Brooks Book: The Story of the Making of the Film ECNUPBA

PaulMasters57: "History of the World Part Two" is horribly unfunny. I can't see how Mel Brooks can hang his name on this mess. It's just bad.

toliro: History of the World Part II sucks. The last thing Mel Brooks did that was funny was Spaceballs. And that was almost 40 years ago. Wait! Brooks did something funny in 2015 in a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee episode. “It’s 2015? Shit! I got appointments!” Just that one line.

ajh1138: Loved "History of the World Part II" season one (Hulu). The sketches-with-arcs format is a great way to keep things moving. The callbacks, crossovers, and Mel Brooks film references are added delights to the irreverent shenanigans.

cicadadyke: (rewatch) Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) directed by Mel Brooks

PaulFludeLawyer: Marty Feldman on Young Frankenstein and Working With Mel Brooks | Carson...

kevinbaker: Everyone talks about how you couldn't make Blazing Saddles today, or whatever, but the real Mel Brooks thing you couldn't do is the opening shot of Spaceballs (after the scrolling text).

WaterHaulPro: Just out of curiosity, what would a Mel Brooks version of the “Left Behind” movies look like?

CityUSA1: It's great to see Mel Brooks mocking Jesus! He'll be dead soon so we hope he enjoys that money!

FarOutMag: What was the only Oscar won by Mel Brooks?

EnglishJaun: The only Oscar won by Mel Brooks

bixdog: The boy and I were having our semi-annual Mel Brooks debate and he sent me this

mashable: History of the World, Part II is a love letter to Mel Brooks

pang5: So glad to hear this. WTF Podcast - Mel Brooks

ElBaulDeLurodAA: Marty Feldman on Young Frankenstein and Working With Mel Brooks | Carson Tonight Show

TodayThatWas: Mar. 18/1968 - The movie The Producers is released. Starred: Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder & Dick Shawn. Directed & written by Mel Brooks.

MikeCosper: I watched Mel Brooks 1983 “To Be or Not to Be” last night for the first time in a long, long time. I forgot the charm of the movie — much of it from Mel and Bancroft — but Lewis Stadlen’s performance of Shylock’s monologue from Merchant of Venice bowled me over. It could…

JaimsVanDerBeek: Joey Ryan "got canceled" and is in the new Mel Brooks movie on Hulu. Canceling is weird.

Freelineorlando: March 18 1968 was the premiere of The Producers. Only Mel Brooks could do a comedy about Hitler and win an Oscar for his screenplay. Zero Mostel, Gene WIlder and Kenneth Mars are a scream; Wilder's hysterics got him an Oscar nod. The "Springtime for Hitler" musical is a hoot.

filmizon: The legendary Psycho (1960) shower scene and Mel Brooks' spoof of it in High Anxiety (1977).

RealEOC: Riff-Raff (Ken Loach, 1991) Life Stinks (Mel Brooks, 1991) The Big Lebowski (Coen brothers, 1998) "Scattering ashes"

DennisMadrox: Quite sure if Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles" would be brought out today it would be applauded by Woke Tik Tok idiots for addressing 'senstive' hyperbolic and racist subjects.

noeljossant: Mel Brooks - Its Good To Be The King

MuseumGuyScott: Thinking about a director themed movie marathon (3-4 movies) this weekend- choices: 1) John Carpenter 2) Mel Brooks 3) Tim Burton 4) Penny Marshall 5) Kathryn Bigelow 6) Paul Thomas Anderson 7) Paul Verhoeven. Probably enough time to watch the top two vote getters. So vote!!

c0un7z3r0: This looks like the start of a Mel Brooks musical number.

hradesi14: I want Ke Huy Quan in a Mel Brooks-style satire. Smart visual gags, frantic energy, goofy scenarios. Ke plays it straight. Just nailing it.

Bubbajonz: Mel Brooks Isn’t Done Punching Up the History of the World - The New York Times

MBotzArt: Discovered History of the World Part 2 on Hulu. I hope Mel Brooks took them for so much money for putting his name on that dumpster fire.

thermostat: If you're putting Jack Black in your show or movie and not giving him a song, what are you even doing? You think you're smarter than Mel Brooks? C'mon.

hanz_joyce: Riverview Junior-Senior High School presents Mel Brooks' madcap 'Young Frankenstein' |

VNDNews: Opening night was a hit for Riverview Junior-Senior High School’s drama students, who presented Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” to a nearly sold-out crowd Thursday.

AbusiaRadio: Mel Brooks - It's Good To Be The King (

PhilipProudfoot: Curing my rage with Mel Brooks’ reaction to being on the One Show

MattCover: This is what Mel Brooks said about mocking Hitler in The Producers.

Maruti_P_Naik: all these drum rolls of peace prize - reminded me of this classic movie by Mel Brooks - To be or Not to be.

writetheblues: Watch this Monday, March 20th at 4pm EST or watch anytime after broadcast on your schedule: Mel Brooks Writes His Way to Comedy Gold: A Punderful Journey!

RAVEN01191809: I love Mel Brooks.

TVFarrell: final thoughts on History of the World part II- i think Mel Brooks had fun and that's all that matters

comedynews: David Stassen & Alice Mathias on ‘History of the World, Part II’ and Their First Mel Brooks Films – Collider

ProfChestnut: They put Mel Brooks's head on Brock O'Hurn's body??

MusubiEnjoyer: Finished History of the World Chapter 1 Comedic masterpiece, Mel Brooks says the f slur it’s automatically peak 5/5

SaintFiedler: Watched History of the World again tonight and am reminded that Mel Brooks is a genius.

Cashbox_Canada: Mel Brooks - The Hitler Rap (To Be Or Not To Be)

Territoirescine: MEL BROOKS

luzadre: President Biden's Gaffe About 'Western' Oregon Seceding Goes Viral In Latest Verbal Blunder

theAwfulbet: we need a Mel Brooks parody called The Splurge, and somebody's wearing an eyeless Big Boy mask on the cover, Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders, The Burger King, etc...

kel_roth: Ya see Uncle Lloyd owns the biggest Independent American Film Studio that makes B-Movies and even helped people out like James Gunn, Trey Parker, Quentin Tarantino, and Eli Roth early on. He's still kicking and is basically what you get if Mel Brooks removed his power limiter.

merl2012: Did you know that Mel Brooks had a TV show called Get Smart. In one o f the episodes government buildings were blowing up and falling. Nixon gave Brooks a tour of the wtc as it was being built.

RiverviewSD_: Tonight is THEE night! Riverview proudly presents: the Mel Brooks’ Musical, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN! Our first show premieres TONIGHT at the Tenth Street Auditorium! For tickets, scan the QR code or visit

StephenM_Brooks: MSU was too thin to hold productive practices down the stretch last November. Last spring, a lack of healthy OL made a spring game impossible. Here's how Mel Tucker has tweaked some things to try to address "a huge issue for us last year."

HXValley: Thank you everyone for the very kind birthday wishes. This from Mel Brooks was standout.

PhilipTater: Mel Brooks Isn’t Done Punching Up the History of the World

KingHumfrey: The 2000 Year Old Man - Created and Performed by Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner

themovement68: Mel Holder featuring Michelle Brooks-Thompson - Phenomenal

StephenM_Brooks: How Mel Tucker's NFL experience is shaping Michigan State's approach to injury prevention in spring ball

gigabarb: TIL that Mel Brooks (and his brothers) all fought in WWII. Mel Brooks Isn’t Done Punching Up the History of the World

Theaterkompass: THE PRODUCERS - Musical von Mel Brooks und Thomas Meehan

benwurgaft: Learned this week: Purely by accident, the art critic and writer John Berger ended up contributing a voice to Grand Theft Auto. Mel Brooks has sometimes signed letters "your obedient Jew." The latter will be easier for me to emulate; the former seems more of a stretch.

Gather4Justice: Catch up (if you can!) with Mel Brooks, Rita Moreno, Dick Van Dyke, Harry Belafonte and more

Jacob_deNobel: Mel Brooks producing The Fly is one of life’s great secrets

Firebug14: Sounding more like Mel Brooks than anything else, Andrew Cuomo choses now - when Jews around the world are pushing back against Netanyahu’s increasingly fascist leadership - to come out all Team Israel.

abt_live: Mel Brooks Isn’t Done Punching Up the History of the World .....Please follow to support.....

Yves08642006: Don’t be a stupid. Be a smarty. And join the Nazi party”? Mel Brooks “The Producers”.

SerenadeInBlue1: From Blazing Saddles to Young Frankenstein: How to watch Mel Brooks' best movies

TheDND_Geek: Robin Williams, John Mulaney, Mel Brooks, and Eric Andre

falcongrovepro: TV Review: The legendary comedian Mel Brooks follows up on his 1981 comedy with ‘History of the World, Part II’

quallsastros: Mel Brooks finally gets his History of the World part 2. Hitler on Ice! I watched the first episode and will rewatch the original film later. Was already chuckling at the cavemen bits

ThatChristian12: This really sums up everything wrong about the movie. Blazing Saddles deserved better, and so did Mel Brooks.

TrivagoD: in one corner you have a self made comic genius like mel brooks and in other one a talentless imbecile like nick kroll whose entire career is bought by his breathtakingly corrupt father. Such a deeply sad testament how money corrupts and how the uber rich can buy anything.

ScottJCollette: Never forget that Mel Brooks hired David Lynch to direct THE ELEPHANT MAN and David Cronenberg to direct THE FLY, then removed his producing credit from both films to ensure that the films were taken seriously.

IzzyDonenberg: Call me Mel Brooks cause I’m a producer.

XavierDLeau: mel brooks is fun. i love robin hood men in tights.

LASTEXITshirts: David Lynch's 'The Elephant Man' starts at 12:05 on BBC2, well worth recording if you've never seen it. Did you know that Mel Brooks produced it and left his name off the credits? He was afraid people would think his involvement meant the film was a comedy. - Jamie

VladDavidzon: My wife caught me singing “springtime for Hitler” after reading the new Mel Brooks piece and rolled her eyes with “if only your ancestors shot in Belarus could hear this”…. Really killed the mood.

contentmo: Writers Inspirational Quotes Every human being has hundreds of separate people living under his skin. The talent of a writer is his ability to give them their separate names, identities, personalities and have them relate to other characters living with him. - Mel Brooks

JewishBookWorld: Mel Brooks: Dis­obe­di­ent Jew by Jere­my Dauber A spirited dive into the life and career of a performer, writer, and director who dominated twentieth-century American comedy Mel Brooks, born Melvin Kaminsky in Brooklyn in 1926, is one of the great comic voices of the twen…

TheWorldNewsENG: Mel Brooks Isn’t Done Punching Up the History of the World - The New York Times

Neacht: Mel Brooks: my hero.

daniel_dsj2110: “Hitler on Ice” in Mel Brooks’ “History of the World: Part II” takes aim at Vichy, France:

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