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Taniel: For people who are curious how that works in Maine, I talked about it to the prior secretary of Maine when he was in office:

DashDobrofsky: I remember when Rolling Stone dropped their bombshell report that Marjorie Taylor Greene, Andy Biggs, and Paul Gosar all coordinated with the January 6 terrorists over the phone prior to the deadly attack. Would be great to see these criminals face accountability for their crimes

prior_parker: stop bullying adam matthew

prior_parker: i looked down at my phone and back up to the stream and couldn't find matthew and went oh no

dom_lucre: She dubs herself a "global diversity specialist" who has wide understanding on how to execute "successful business in China Prior to her Antifa activity, Shen worked as an intern at Reuters and CNN before becoming a mental health consultant. Didn't CNN Atlanta HQ just close?

Jack_Scott: ExchangeC: Prior to this evening's Bar Mess, we are celebrating the following members of Exchange Chambers being proposed for the Northern Circuit: - Greg Plunkett - Stella Hayden - Matthew Rogan - David McCormick - Sonia Masaun - Eve Salter - Daniell…

kitgurupress: Redfall director confirms the game would have released on PS5 prior to Microsoft acquisition:

AwaitChrist: The Rapture is prior to the 70th week of Daniel aka The Tribulation for the largely Gentile Church. Matthew 24 & 25 are directed to the Jewish believers at the time of the prophecied events. See also Daniel 9:24-27 and Zechariah 13:8-9. Dispensations are a thing.

hannah_recht: People who literally do this work for a living get stuck in prior authorization hell too - read Matthew's thread for the absolute nightmare that is prior authorization, even when you literally make your career out of understanding how this works.

semodough: PIPER $INZY Matthew Winton – previous head of $BIIB’s MS&SMA franchises in US – will join as COO With prior strategic&commercial experience in rare disease area,see this as a positive development as his appointment will help shape late-stage development of INZ-701 moving forward

smoresfordinner: the Christmas prior I bought him an XBox But yanno, I wanted the damn thing For the record, I loved him I got a creepy text I reported it to the Feds Pretty sure I am a widow If so? I am ok with widowhood Matthew Daly was not his only murder. He killed my children.

TonyGrossi: Bubba Ventrone adds another Browns core special teams player in LB Matthew Adams, whom Ventrone coached in Indianapolis for four years prior to 2022.

TheIntellNews: Reiss served with Hilltown police for 18 years prior to his resignation in late May 2021. He was placed on administrative suspension before he resigned. Officials have said his offenses are not connected with his former Hilltown police position.

CourierTimes: Reiss served with Hilltown police for 18 years prior to his resignation in late May 2021. He was placed on administrative suspension before he resigned. Officials have said his offenses are not connected with his former Hilltown police position.

InvestorTurf: Citadel, a Wall Street market maker and hedge fund, took a $600 million loan prior to the recent financial events and later required a $1.15 billion bailout from Sequoia Capital and Paradigm. This was the first time the firm had to seek outside investment. Despite this, Citadel…

VirusesImmunity: A very interesting paper from Dr. Mark Davis’ group shows that in response to the mRNA vaccine, CD8 T cell responses are attenuated in people who had prior COVID compared to uninfected people. What does this mean? (1/)

Matthew_Rupiper: Bad PT moment…I didnt do quad testing, hop testing or any field testing on the post-op ACL prior to d/c. Why? Because they dont care about sports, running or jumping anymore. The injury showed them dont want to play sports anymore. Something many PTs dont talk about…

prior_parker: i wonder if matty ever releases solo music if he'd go by matty healy or matthew healy

kathycrandall: Great article by Matthew Prior on his thoughts on imposter syndrome. This was a recent question in a keynote I delivered, and Matthew captures the experience and valuable insights beautifully. Highly respected and accomplished leaders and young emerging l…

prior_parker: does anyone have that clip of matthew on stage going "ive done a spill"

TZnPhilosopher: For hope is but the dream of those that wake.-Matthew Prior

khristaki: When Ireland was Orthodox prior to the radical centralization - Fr Matthew Raphael Johnson

graceMi07275164: Who breathes must suffer, and who thinks must mourn; And he alone is bless'd who ne'er was born.,Matthew Prior,death, mourning, suffering,

minderful: We are proud to have three members of our core team with personal experience with bipolar disorder: Dr Nick Prior, James Harrop, and Matthew Bushell. Explore their story at

shralpin: "Hope is but the dream of those who wake." Matthew Prior

BrandonLeibs: "Hope is but the dream of those who wake." Matthew Prior

ClazzioDirect: "Hope is but the dream of those who wake." Matthew Prior

GetPlusFollows: "Hope is but the dream of those who wake." Matthew Prior

seooptimizers: "Hope is but the dream of those who wake." Matthew Prior

eqsnews_int: Golden Gate’s (GGX) Chief Science Officer and Co-founder Matthew Doty Announces Seminal Whitepaper...

prior_parker: thinking of the paintings, rare vinyls & books matthew has in his house that probably have some slight damage from him smoking indoors

HostileSpectrum: There is no world in which mandatory backdoors / warranted access weakened end to end encryption survives if the processes & outputs of such demands may be abused by adversaries. This is why prior targeting of telecom CALEA & Silicon Valley subpoena production systems was so bad

OpsGp_Jrtc: JRTC is pleased to present the third episode of ‘The Crucible - The JRTC Experience.’ The COG, COL Matthew Hardman talks to COL Randy Lau the CDR of the 79th IBCT, Hollywood call-sign “Thunderbolt” about things the 79th IBCT would have liked to have known prior to a rotation.

paulmatleo: Egg prices fell 7% after a 36% runuo over the prior four months helped keep cpi in check. Shelter costs firmer as well as airline fares+6.4% and hotels +2.6% wh/ were offset ny weaker medical care & used car prices. Expectations are for Fed to raise another 25 bps 3/22

matthew__theo: Multiple masses at the same time, prior to the Council

janenjeringuru7: They never taste who always drink They always talk who never think.,Matthew Prior,talk,

philthatremains: If Peter Thiel just talking about a bank possibly being insolven, creates insolvency, doesn’t that mean the bank was insolvent prior to his comment?

PassageParadise: Jesus clearly expressed and warned prior to his COMING said: “These things must come to pass” (Luke 21:9). “[ALL THESE ARE THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS]” (Matthew 24:8).

CrweWorld: Golden Gate’s (GGX) Chief Science Officer and Co-founder Matthew Doty Announces Seminal Whitepaper Prior to TestNe

TrainingMindful: “Hope is but the dream of those who wake.” ~ Matthew Prior

Apocalyptology: There was already a prior social justice warrior movie made about Fauci and the subject of medical malpractice with actor Matthew McConaughey. They're pissing down your neck and calling it rain, bro...

EdKrassen: In 2018 President Trump signed a bill that rolled back Dodd-Frank regulations on banks like Silicon Valley Bank. Prior to the bill, the threshold for which banks were required to submit resolution plans for their rapid and orderly resolution to the FDIC was set at $50 billion…

SakiMiracle702: They never taste who always drink They always talk who never think.,Matthew Prior,talk,

FormerFeds: Prior to Columbus Door opening 1 at 2:25 we see the coordinated goons working together to break the windows on the Columbus doors.

BungieHelp: For the best raid World First experience, it is recommended that players: ❖ Clear the cache and restart the game app prior to launching into the Root of Nightmares raid ❖ Avoid viewing the Commendations page in the Journeys tab to prevent crashes

matthew_gennari: how do these f****** people even have jobs econ 101 would tell you we've been a recession and of course they revised prior months to create this number

GoErie: "Our whole thing is about approachability, accessibility and ease of consumption," said Matthew White, Whitethorn's CEO. "We’re predicated on the idea that toddler to grandma can pick up the game instantly, no skills or prior knowledge necessary."

prior_parker: matthew healy get out of nyc you pushed me to tears i can't do this leave go back to england

DisabledDem: when I hear politicians talk about expanding employment for disabled people, I think about stuff like what Matthew is going through here. This is one of the ways we fall through the cracks. Hell, insurance prior authorization IS one of the cracks. A Grand Canyon sized one.

sonicaIs: before i watched the show, definitely keita! he was the only trainee i was already familiar with prior and i've liked him since ygtb.. and then when i got into the 1st ep i was charmed by shanbin and matthew

gatewaypundit: NEVER FORGET.... Fun Fraud Fact: Wisconsin Added 29% of Their ENTIRE VOTING POPULATION to Voter Rolls in 10 Months Prior to 2020 Election — 957,977 New Names!

jungsiscentric: i barely know any girls from gp999 who were foreign nationals apart from vivienne, tammy, and moana who weren’t even from kgroup and both hiyyih and myah grew up in skor whereas kamden and matthew were raised in us and canada prior to their training so its kind of sensible

joshbeleaf: Alex Kerfoot couldn’t crack the top 9 with the Leafs a week ago. Last night he played on the 1st line. I assure you the Leafs are finding out what works prior to Matthew Knies coming in.

1gre_bot: Hope is but the dream of those who wake. - Matthew Prior

FCartoscelli3: The Two Minute Report from Kings vs Clippers says De’Aaron Fox did not foul Paul George during the final possession of last night’s game. Also: An 8-second call should have been assessed prior to Los Angeles’ out of bounds turnover on this play.

Rasmussen_Poll: Arizona Senate Hearing on Thursday. Stunning testimony, thousands of documents previously sent to the prior governor in May of 2022

prior_parker: im happy for a new podcast, when with the right people matthew actually says decent things

DGlaucomflecken: Once Aetna did a similar thing with cataracts last year, you knew all of them would try to jump on the universal prior auth bandwagon. And as long as they have an unlimited supply of ghoulish, non practicing physicians willing to deny evidence based medical care, they won’t stop.

Matthew_Tynan: It’s not just two straight wins for the Spurs, but two straight wins after trailing by double digits. Prior to Tuesday’s win in Utah they hadn’t done that once all season.

prior_parker: i have questions sir matthew t healy

swTriviaGallery: Protocol 13 – the evacuation of personnel from an Imperial base or facility – is what the Empire uses to move its forces out of Jedha prior to the Death Star’s test firing.

TexasLindsay_: SMOKING GUN: Moderna CEO in February 2022 saying that Covid could’ve been a lab leak after news of scientists finding genetic sequence in the Covid virus that identically matches a Moderna patent that they filed several years prior to Covid.

R_EvelynRodgers: Also can anyone tell me why no one was like, “Oh lAuRen, I tHoUGht yOU coULdn’T vOte…” She literally said she had no vote. Then was like I’ll vote for Brandon, sure no problem. And Matthew even told like everyone prior to her magically having a vote that she’s lying…

Acyn: Raskin to Boebert: I heard the very distinguished gentlelady from Colorado mention job creators. I assume she was responding to President Biden since 12 million new jobs have been created under Biden, whereas millions of jobs were lost under the prior president…

Vol_Hoops: "It's been a great experience overall and I'm very glad that I got to be a part of the Tennessee Volunteers." We'll celebrate Santi and the rest of our seniors Tuesday night prior to tip vs. Arkansas

ACRRES1: A Fable By Matthew Prior In Aesop’s tales an honest wretch we find, Whose years and comforts equally declined; He in two wives had two domestic ills, For different age they

SamboGodwin: Be to her virtues very kind,Be to her faults a little blind. -Matthew Prior

greg_price11: BREAKING: Nikki Fried, who lost to Charlie Crist by 14 points in the gubernatorial primary prior to him losing by 20 points to DeSantis, was just elected Chairwoman of the Florida Democrat Party.

prior_parker: matthew do something

prior_parker: when they started to play about you i was paying zero attention to matthew because my mother was directly infront of me

1baptistpastor: "Wherefore think ye evil in your hearts?" - Jesus, The Holy Bible, Matthew 9:4 Just prior to him saying that, verse 3 says those He was speaking to had "said WITHIN themselves". They hadn't open their mouth. HE CAN READ HEARTS! Theirs. Ours. What's yours... "saying"?

EdKrassen: Jim Jordan is attacking Pete Buttigieg for not having transportation experience prior to becoming Transportation Secretary. Someone should remind him that Jared Kushner ran Middle East policy. Ivanka worked in the White House after being an Apprentice judge. Betsy DeVos was…

FlamesFanFromBC: MacKenzie Weegar has been one of the best defensive defencemen this season

matthew__theo: Prior to The Fall, did Adam and Eve suffer from concupiscence? I am seeing conflicting answers.

KOAAAndyKoen: The defense asked Gasper about his conversation with Matthew Haynes and whether Haynes disclosed to him that the FBI had contacted the club. He had. They contacted Haynes about 3 weeks prior. It had something to do with a breach of internet security. 17/

TimcastNews: More, posted by an activist on Instagram from one of their prior events

MagicBelle1: Jamal Adams arrested for February 1st murder of Matthew C. Overby, father of six. Adams had previously been arrested for stabbing Overby in October. Police think he planned the point blank shooting of Overby in retaliation for the prior case. Adams charged w/ 1st degree murder.

rybrown_94: Every trophy Rangers have won, was post 1888. If we counted war trophies, we would have 61 League Titles. There has been only one team awarded a title during a pandemic prior to completion of the season. The other won it going 38 games unbeaten. Other than that, spot on mate.

StarWarsInforms: A New Dawn is a novel that was written by John Jackson Miller and was released on September 2, 2014. It serves as a prequel for the television series Star Wars Rebels and is set six years prior to the events of the show.

Simply_simon: The former chair of NHS England urged a top official to meet with a private US health firm. David Prior sent an email to NHSX chief executive Matthew Gould urging him to “have a conversation” with the head of American digital health giant Teladoc.

ninaturner: Reminder: Insurance companies already do this, it’s called “prior authorizations” and they’re driven by profits. The people making these decisions are driven solely by their bottom line.

RevHilary1: Ex Tory MP David Prior emailed chief exec Matthew Gould Feb'21 with head of US digital health giant Teladoc, docs show: “the biggest USmedicine & remote monitoring provider,” tellingGould: “They've a footprint in UK which they're keen to expand. Could you have a conversation?”

MazVasil: 1. Local journalist Molly Conger photographed Matthew Heimbach, the leading neo-Nazi who helped organize the 2017 rally in Charlottesville. In a podcast prior to the Unite the Right rally, Heimbach called for the extermination of the “international Jew and the local Jew...."

NormaBa59850955: The former chair of NHS England urged a top official to meet with a private US health firm that he had business links to, openDemocracy can reveal.Former Tory minister David Prior sent an email to NHSX chief executive Matthew Gould in February 2021 …

IYSSE_US: Matthew Heimbach, leading neo-Nazi who helped organize the 2017 rally in Charlottesville attended. Prior to the Unite the Right rally, he called for the extermination of the “international Jew and the local Jew, I don’t care if he runs a f**king bagel shop, he’s got to go.” 4/

carter_times: The Morgan County Cougars (18-6) are closing out their regular season slate against familiar rivals, starting with their 82-60 win over the West Carter Comets (5-19). Prior to tipoff, the Comets recognized seniors Kaleb Rayburn and Matthew Carpenter.

prior_parker: the fact that this is what matthew timothy healy is doing at midnight on a saturday night lameeeee

prior_parker: anyone wanna see a horrendous meme i made its literally not funny like it's matthew level humor

HumanSonOfGod: Did you know? According to the genealogy of both Matthew and Luke, the Son of God did not exist prior to Adam!

matthew_d_green: Prior to this week, how many people were aware that Apple has a built-in 2FA authenticator code (TOTP) app that can be used in place of third-party apps like Google Authenticator.

Grouse_Beater: Today's Tory Corruption Tory minister David Prior, chair of NHS England, arranged a meeting for an American *health firm* that paid millions to Lazard the bank that employed Prior. He asked Matthew Gould to “have a conversation” with Jason Gorevic, CE of Teladoc, a medical firm.

AtTheRoost: Matthew Linskey was warming up in the bullpen prior to Raj surrendering the lead last inning. Cruz Jr. now opts to stick with Raj for the top of the ninth.

BerksAthletics: MBB drops overtime thriller to Penn College. Jeff Lorah and Hassan Koroma were honored for Senior Day prior to tip off. Josh Gardner had 20 points and 7 boards, Lorah and Isaiah Cotten both had 14 points, followed by Matthew Gingerich with 13... 

CBS12: Prior to the missing Lyft driver case, Flores was wanted for second-degree murder and a handful of other charges.

jokersillysongs: • Anti-tutsi propaganda played a large part in preparing the Hutus for their eventual actions. Tutsis historically were the aristocratic class prior to 1961, whereas Hutus were serviles. This was dissolved completely outside of wealth for many years by the time of the killings.

prior_parker: also would love to point out maxwell had the grey strands before matthew ✋

DailyLoud: Michigan State shooter Anthony McRae had a prior felony gun charge dropped, he would have been barred from owning gun if convicted.

TheChiefNerd: Gov. Mike DeWine Says the U.S. Defense Department Was Consulted Prior to the Controlled Release of Chemicals from the Derailed Train in Ohio

matthew_foutz: 1) Courtesy-Doug never talks over his guest. I can’t stress this enough. It sounds basic but it takes planning and discipline. Doug frames each question prior to asking it and then let’s Flex cook. When there’s a natural break Doug chimes back in to expand on the point. 2/

stevenadamswv: Del. Matthew Rohrbach, R-Cabell, rises in support and gives his "years in the making" speech I've heard in two prior committees now.

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