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Joanna_Resists: Prior to the pandemic, I'd speak to some of the teens in my apartment complex about voting. I managed to help register 23 young people. Just a few minutes ago, a group of 4 knocked on my door to show me their voting stickers & thank me! I'm so tickled they thought of me!

_arXiv_physics: [2010.09685] Matthew Tivnan, J. Webster Stayman: Manifold Reconstruction of Differences: A Model-Based Iterative Statistical Estimation Algorithm with a Data-Driven Prior

jonsimsbot: It comes with shorter supporting statements from David Atayah and Matthew Wilkinson confirming the contents of the first three bags, as well as the details of Alan Parfitt’s behaviour prior to his termination from the employment of local government.

v_i_o_l_a: "Itis in Life as 'tis in painting: Much may be right, yet much be wanting." ([Matthew] Prior) [

benshapiro: Based on a variety of shoddy rationales, both Twitter and Facebook prevented dissemination of the story PRIOR to any fact-check. Twitter started suspending people who tweeted out the link. This is pure, unbridled insanity.

grlchasngGodpod: As I start to prepare the foundation I realize there is more that needs to be done. I know we talk about starting and perfecting later I just want to make sure my foundation is in faith prior to building upon it. Faulty foundations can bring a house down. Matthew 7:24-27 nlt

EyauukArt: For hope is but the dream of those that wake. - Matthew Prior

DanPriceSeattle: "millennials" didn't kill your industry a system that starts young people an average $30k in debt, pays them less than prior generations and prevents them from acquiring any wealth killed your industry

NateGeraci: 94% of ETF assets are in products launched prior to 2015. Pretty remarkable given that 1,500+ products have launched since beginning of 2015.

Poopchik: Prior to being shot Lee Kelker was arguing with a man wearing a "black guns matter" Tshirt who was telling him he was "standing his ground" Under such a law, ppl have "no duty to retreat" before using deadly force in self-defense. This was prior 2 altercation with Matthew Dolloff

ABC: MORE: "Neither of these people have had contact with Vice President Biden, Senator Harris or any other staffers since testing positive or in the 48 hours prior to their positive test results," Biden campaign manager says in statement.

wojespn: As the NBA and NBPA negotiate adjustments to the CBA because of the coronavirus pandemic, each side has until October 30 to give 45 days notice on terminating CBA. While that's still on table, there's optimism an agreement on adjusted terms will be in place prior to Nov 18 draft.

uuw78321: New footage of the incident involving Lee Keltner and Matthew Dolloff. This shows Keltner as the aggressor, attacking Dolloff and the News9 team for filming the altercation that he was involved in just prior to the event.

BC_SquadronOne: “Tiegen stated that prior to the Denver shooting this past weekend, he witnessed Elliott, the 9News reporter, and the shooter Matthew Dolloff huddle together in discussion.”

gawklescent: prior to the stream, matthew asked about my cookies (i was baking that afternoon) my cookies felt blessed

hannon_matthew: 4) However, comparing prices in 2019 with prices 10 years prior, real prices for domestic fuels overall increased by 17%. So we're using less BUT we're paying more for each unit of energy consumed. Growing wholesale cost helped ⬆️dual-fuel bills over past couple of years. 4/

Philip_Joens: Matthew Bruce alleged the September murder of Michael Williams was a "lynching." Iowa DCI, Grinnell police and IA-NEB NAACP all said previously his mudet was because of a prior relationship with the man charged.

LMcCrystal: Meanwhile, new cases of COVID-19 are rising in Philly. Last week (ending Saturday Oct. 10): -Average of 145 new cases per day -4.5% test positivity rate Prior week: -126 avg cases per day -4.3% positivity rate

mariah_prior: Rejoice that you can collaborate with Me through prayer as I establish My kingdom on earth. "Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." ⁠—Matthew 6:10 NKJV

JoeBiden: We need a president who will unite our country and bring out our best — not one who stokes division and brings out our worst.

JoeBiden: On National Farmers Day, we honor the hardworking men and women who drive our economy, fuel our rural communities, and nourish our nation. A Biden-Harris administration will work every day to restore the dignity our farmers deserve and help them build back better than before.

JoeBiden: Today marks 22 years since Matthew Shepard passed away after a brutal anti-gay hate crime. Over two decades later, violence against LGBTQ+ Americans is at an all-time high. As president, I'll strengthen our hate crimes laws and make clear that bigotry has no place in America.

JoeBiden: There's no question: we are neck and neck in Ohio — and with early voting underway and only 22 days until Election Day, there's no time to waste. Join us live from Cincinnati as we get out the vote:

JoeBiden: Donald Trump is running TV ads taking Dr. Fauci out of context and without his permission. So, here’s a message from the President in his own words.

JoeBiden: I know Americans aren’t looking for a handout. They just want a fair chance to get ahead — and I’ll work every day to make sure folks get that chance.

JoeBiden: I'm in Toledo, Ohio, to discuss my plans to build the economy back better for working families. Tune in.

DrBiden: How it started: How it's going:

JoeBiden: Health care is deeply personal to me. And I guarantee you that if I'm elected president, I will protect your family's health care as if it were my own.

JoeBiden: I am ready to fight for you and for our nation. Every day. Without exception, without reservation. And with a full and devoted heart.

AmyMcGrathKY: We're facing a national crisis. There's nothing funny about 214,000 Americans dying.

AmyMcGrathKY: Senator McConnell says he’s done a great job on COVID. What would a BAD job look like?

KamalaHarris: Senate Republicans haven’t lifted a finger for 150 days to help the millions of Americans who are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table during a pandemic—yet they’re trying to rush through a Supreme Court confirmation hearing. You see where their priorities lie.

MSNBC: The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed far more lives than reported, new study says.

AdamParkhomenko: “I think her entire campaign is, 'She's a Marine, she's a mom and I've been there too long.” -Mitch McConnell on Amy McGrath Those are three pretty good points, Mitch.

NBCNews: “Herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it," the head of the World Health Organization said.

washingtonpost: Opinion: This year, control of the Senate is an even bigger deal than ever

ABC: Johnson & Johnson is pausing its coronavirus vaccine trial after one of its study participants came down with an "unexplained illness."

CNN: Sen. Dick Durbin on the GOP rushing Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination process: “The reason why it’s a breakneck speed is because they want this new justice on the Supreme Court in time to hear the oral argument on Nov. 10 and then to eliminate the [ACA]."

CNN: Listening to GOP Sen. Josh Hawley, a bystander might have thought Democrats had spent the day attacking Amy Coney Barrett's Catholic faith. But the only members who spent significant time on Barrett's faith during the hearings Monday were the Republicans.

MSNBC: "I'm more concerned about the millions of Americans who still don't have access to regular and reliable testing," Sen. Coons says. "But it is appropriate for us to be also raising concerns about whether or not the Judiciary Committee is proceeding safely"

Matthew_Poe1994: My greatest contribution to class morale is, prior to going into lab, greeting my anatomy group with my signature “sup, bitches?”

Dgsma: On this day, 22 years ago, Matthew Shepard passed away at a hospital in Fort Collins, Colorado. He had succumbed to wounds he had received five days prior after being severely beaten and left to die, tied to a fence in the cold Wyoming night.

_CVLT_: I had been through like five different lectures in the same room prior and they had torn NO ONE apart as harshly as they did him but his words stuck with me. His lecture reminds me constantly of Matthew 25:40-45. Be careful of your privilege and your cruelty

daveweigel: Todd Young's op-ed for Barrett posits that she obviously wouldn't strike down ACA protections bc she's "the head of a large household." Scalia, who voted against the ACA in both of the prior cases that got to SCOTUS, had nine kids.

JoeBiden: Brayden — you have heart, courage, and maturity beyond your years. You have unlimited potential — and I can't wait to see what your future holds.

JoeBiden: I helped pull this country out of a recession before — and, as president, I’ll do it again.

JoeBiden: In January, I said President Trump was the worst possible leader to deal with a public health crisis. And everything we’ve been through in the months since has proven that to be true.

JoeBiden: When President Trump was told one thousand Americans were dying every day from COVID-19, he shrugged it off and said, "it is what it is." It is what it is? This president doesn't even pretend to care about the Americans he swore to serve. It's disgraceful.

JoeBiden: There is no excuse for President Trump’s reckless behavior.

JoeBiden: From Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall, we’re at our best when the promise of America is available to all.

KamalaHarris: The Supreme Court makes decisions that impact millions of Americans for generations. We must ensure that the integrity of the court is upheld by not appointing a new justice until we have a new president.

CNN: White supremacist extremists will remain the deadliest domestic terror threat to the US, according to the Department of Homeland Security's first annual homeland threat assessment

CBSNews: The Lincoln Project: Career Republicans call on Americans to vote out President Trump

60Minutes: Out of all the treatments he received, President Trump called the Regeneron antibody therapy a cure to COVID-19. In his 2017 financial disclosure form, Regeneron is listed as a stock he received profits from. It’s not listed in his 2020 disclosure.

60Minutes: “None of us will ever work in Republican politics again,” says longtime GOP strategist Steve Schmidt about the likely consequences of being part of a super PAC whose mission is to defeat President Trump’s re-election.

60Minutes: “We find that women move off of Donald Trump first, and then often, their husband will follow behind them,” says the former political director of the California Republican Party, now running the Lincoln Project’s data-gathering and ad-targeting operations.

60Minutes: “We have a standing buy on Fox News in Washington, D.C…. every night… because we know [President Trump is] in the residence with his super TiVo watching,” says the Lincoln Project’s Reed Galen about their strategy to provoke the President with their ads.

60Minutes: When asked whether they would rather have a mask or a vaccine, every doctor we spoke to answered the same way: a mask, and also social distancing and hand washing, because they have been so effective.

60Minutes: “We all had a conviction that there are millions of Republicans who look at this debacle and reject it,” says former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt about co-founding the Lincoln Project and trying to turn Republicans against President Trump.

60Minutes: When President Trump defends the Confederate flag and monuments, he coalesces some voters in the Rust Belt states, but drives away college-educated workers in the Sun Belt, says Mike Madrid of The Lincoln Project.

CNN: Covid-19 has killed more people in eight months than the flu did in the last five flu seasons combined

KamalaHarris: Ineptitude (noun): lack of skill or ability.

CNN: President Trump is once again warning voters that Democrats would "shut our economy and jobs down" if they win in November. Goldman Sachs is telling its clients the exact opposite.

AmyMcGrathKY: I’m a Kentucky mom, and I’m running for U.S. Senate.

MSNBC: “He’s the greatest failure in the history of the United States,” Steve Schmidt says of Pres. Trump. “It’s not even a close contest — he’s the worst president the country has ever had.”

CNN: In an unprecedented move, the editors of the New England Journal of Medicine have condemned the Trump administration for its response to the Covid-19 pandemic — and calling for the current US leadership to be voted out of office

realDonaldTrump: In 2016, the ABC News/Washington Post Poll was such a complete disaster that these two Fake News Organizations changed the numbers prior to the Election. Now these haters are trying the same thing, though on a lesser scale, again. Will have a bigger win than even 2016!

daera_ni: Reminder alert for farmers! One week to go until the closed period for applying slurry begins on 15 October . More info:

HeyTammyBruce: They cheat on everything "Duplicate names among 'thousands' signing liberal group's anti-Barrett open letter," includes names of those who died prior to ACB's nomination

JoeBiden: One in five small businesses have closed. More than 25 million Americans are on unemployment. Millions are at risk of losing their homes. But President Trump doesn’t seem to care. He only cares about how he and his wealthy friends are doing.

JoeBiden: America has to be about the possibilities of prosperity. Not just for the privileged few. But for the many — for all of us.

StephenAtHome: It's crazy that, after this week, we literally know what it means to say, "that's like Trump on steroids.”

JoeBiden: I’m in Erie, Pennsylvania, to discuss my plans to build back better. Tune in.

JoeBiden: Tune in as I deliver remarks from our drive-in event in Las Vegas.

Matthew_Koonts: Denver shooter: Caucasian Brown curly hair Wrist tattoo Gray pants Red sunglasses Rail light Holographic sight Any prior video pick him up?

jonsimsbot: It comes with shorter supporting statements from David Atayah and Matthew Wilkinson confirming the contents of the first three bags, as well as the details of Alan Parfitt’s behaviour prior to his termination from the employment of local government.

matti9233: My heart is aching. This young man who has autism, ADHD, a cyst on his brain, and a prior traumatic brain injury has been sentenced to 10yrs for “attempted murder” following a freak non-fatal car accident. Enraged isn’t sufficient to describe how I feel.

JoeBiden: It’s estimated that nearly another 200,000 Americans could lose their lives by the end of the year because of this virus. Enough. No more. Let’s set the partisanship aside. Let’s end the politics. Let’s follow the science.

JoeBiden: Why did Donald Trump tell Bob Woodward the truth about COVID-19, but not the American people?

JoeBiden: What we need in America is leadership that seeks to de-escalate tensions, to open lines of communication, and to bring us together. To heal — and to hope. As president, that is precisely what I will do.

JoeBiden: When Governor Whitmer worked to protect her state from a deadly pandemic, President Trump issued a call to "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!" That call was heard. He's giving oxygen to the bigotry and hate we see on the march in our country — and we have to stop it.

JoeBiden: Over 213,000 Americans have died from this virus — and the hard truth is it didn’t have to happen this way.

nclcathedral: This ledger stone belongs to Matthew Prior: a maker of false teeth, toys & musical instruments in 1700s Newcastle:

JoeBiden: We need a president who understands hardworking Americans — not one who looks down on them.

JoeBiden: What does building back better mean for you? - Millions of new, good-paying jobs - A $15 federal minimum wage - Stronger benefits and fair workplaces - An economy that works for everyone—not just the wealthy - The choice to join a union That's the future we can build together.

kylegriffin1: Why did the president knowingly mislead America about the coronavirus threat?

KamalaHarris: Donald Trump and Mike Pence don’t have a national testing plan for coronavirus or a national strategy for contact tracing. They failed to lead and, now, more than 213,000 Americans have lost their lives.

LilacMoon213: Thread: Astrology & Numerology In 2007 I began taking Christianity seriously because I wanted to save my family. I started thinking if I put God first everything else would fall into place. Prior to that I was a generic, salad bar Christian, but I had read Matthew chapter 6. 1/

crsdailythought: "They talk most who have the least to say." - Matthew Prior

Kirk_Man_1701: In another words, the evidence of Confused Matthew's unhealthy obsession with retaliating against Simba for "ruining" Disney's prior succession of films is back.

charlipence: "Second Lady Karen followed an agreement established between both campaigns prior to the debate," the statement read. "Both sides agreed that the spouses would remove their masks when they walked onto the stage at the end of the debate."

JoeBiden: Time and time again, President Trump has refused to condemn white supremacy and stoked the flames of hate for political gain. It’s a pattern — and America deserves better.

JoeBiden: Every generation that has followed Gettysburg has been faced with a moment when it must answer this question: Will we allow the sacrifices made in that battle, and that war, to be in vain? We cannot, and we must not. It's time to come together.

JoeBiden: I promise you that as president, I will always appeal to the best in us — not the worst.

JoeBiden: I’m running as a proud Democrat. But I will govern as an American president.

aginnt: So about our hospitals being overwhelmed...whoops! It was a data issue. "Data reported prior to the end of August has been corrected to remove these cases from counts... As a result, the number of hospitalized cases has decreased by 2,815."

JonJonesSnr: Yet another lucrative PPE contract awarded to a company with no experience in this field and no official tender process. This time to a company started by a close associate of one Lady Michelle Mone. The company had only existed for 44 days prior to the contract being awarded.

Matthew_Paras: Rivera said he first thought about benching Haskins prior to the start of the season because of Washington's schedule. He wanted to see how it played out.

HadeelBIbrahim: Quick reminder that the Matthew Raymond trial is off today as one of the lawyer had a prior commitment, but we'll be back tomorrow with more tech crime expert testimony. In the meantime, here's the latest info:

cortonbirds: Steppe grey Shrike currently Benacre by skin of my teeth twitch from Norwich for insurance tick. Had been flushed by Sparrowhawk and flew high north prior to my arrival but we just relocated it by 1st pillbox north of track (thanks Matthew Deans)

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