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TheTLS: Margaret Drabble on making her peace with Mathilde Blind

shelleyscholar: Sweet minor note by one of my favourite Shelleyans, Mathilde Blind

PourquoiPasToi: Life grows lovely where you are. (Mathilde Blind)

RohanMaitzen: TLS deliveries have been erratic lately so I’m just catching up on May issues, including this nice piece on Mathilde Blind and women’s (literary) education.

TheTLS: Margaret Drabble on making her peace with Mathilde Blind


TheTLS: Margaret Drabble on making her peace with Mathilde Blind


alorajade: Re-reading Mathilde Blind “Haunted Streets” (1881) has me thinking about how during quarantine our own streets are “Of faces quite familiar as it was” (L. 7) while still remaining somewhat “Haunted”.

CailinCeltic: And kneels ecstatically blest Because his heart hath entered rest. What Magic Is There - Mathilde Blind Images - Google PicFinder

jkdiedrick: My blog about Margaret Drabble's wonderful essay "Making peace with Mathilde Blind" is here:

jkdiedrick: Margaret Drabble (DBE) rediscovers Mathilde Blind--and reviews my biography:

NewnhamRoll: Roll Member Margaret Drabble explores the work of Mathilde Blind, poet and Newnham benefactor.

TheTLS: Making peace with Mathilde Blind

TheTLS: Love during conflict; gardening as therapy; Mary Shelley’s visions of contagion; making peace with Mathilde Blind; life and essentials in Goa; moving ASMR offline; knowing your market value as a writer – and much more. Out now:

mihyebang: Making peace with Mathilde Blind | Margaret Drabble

TheTLS: Margaret Drabble on making her peace with Mathilde Blind

OpenGarden34: "The April rain, the April rain, Comes slanting down in fitful showers, Then from the furrow shoots the grain, And banks are fledged with nestling flowers; And in grey shawl and woodland bowers The cuckoo through the April rain Calls once again." - Mathilde Blind, April Rain

michinsaekki: And between shower and shine hath birth The rainbow's evanescent glory; Heaven's light that breaks on mists of earth! Frail symbol of our human story, It flowers through showers where, looming hoary, The rain-clouds flash with April mirth, Like Life on earth. — Mathilde Blind.

PhillyDinkers: Ghibli has always been a big blind spot for me. Not a big animation guy. But I'm watching a lot with Mathilde and it's so refreshing to delve into a back catalogue so vibrant and rich. Current Top Four: Kiki's Delivery Service Whisper of the Heart Ponyo My Neighbour Totoro

CoachingAmber: Ah, life grows lovely where you are. ‍ -Mathilde Blind ‍ I am using this time at home to cultivate my garden and we have taken up bread making. What are you cultivating? How are you nurturing yourself and your home?

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to German-born English poet Mathilde Blind (March 21, 1841), author of “The Ascent of Man” (1888) et al.

alorajade: Mathilde Blind’s ‘Haunted Streets’ & ‘Manchester By Night’ depict working-class life in Victorian era. Rather eye opening I found.

tanigakis: the way me and mathilde were just constantly making fun of louis in this movie for constantly bumping into things and us joking that's he was going blind just for him to actually turn blind in the end im-

RebekahMPhil: I listened to this on the drive back to school yesterday and LOVED that Mathilde Blind was referenced (especially in a context I'm less familiar with)!

daribaalam: War rages on the teeming earth; The hot and sanguinary fight Begins with each new creature's birth: A dreadful war where might is right; Where still the strongest slay and win, Where weakness is the only sin. Mathilde Blind.

cuteables: Glasses and contacts should be free because I didn’t ask to be blind

aipv2010: Mathilde Blind's The Heather on Fire (not a play, but a poetic drama)

mathilde_jensen: anemia starter pack: - always napping - can’t stand up without going blind - always has at least 5 bruises - freezing hands & feet even if warm

CailinCeltic: Ember of love still glows and lingers Deep at the red heart's smouldering core; With the sudden passionate throb of yore We shook as our eyes and clinging fingers Met once only to meet no more. Yea,The Roses Are Still On Fire - Mathilde Blind Photography - By Me

CailinCeltic: Ah, if you knew how lost and lone I watch and weep and wait for you, You'd press my heart close to your own Till love had healed me through and through, If you but knew! If You But Knew - Mathilde Blind Images from the movie - The Bridges of Madison County

CailinCeltic: Fluttering from out of the gloom and roar, On fitful wing she flies, Moon-white above the moon-washed shore; Then, drowned in darkness as before, She's lost, as I when lit no more By your beloved eyes. Your Looks Have Touched My Soul - Mathilde Blind Images -Google PicFinder

CailinCeltic: Only a waking, alone, in the moon's last gleam, Fading from sight; Only a flooding of tears that shudder and stream Fast through the night. A Dream - Mathilde Blind Photography - Kathy Fornal

StevenC102431: Started researching the decadence movement (because why not) and came across some great Victorian poetry by Mathilde Blind ("Nocturne", "Song of the Willi") and Rosamund Marriot Watson ("Vespertilia").

Kehlani: don’t go blind in love

sahelhaque: Are you colour blind?

ErinKappeler: Really grateful for the stimulating conversations at Historical Poetics Now (

violetposie: jenna can’t hear us, she’s blind.

CailinCeltic: And if to-morrow,Dear,I live, My heart I shall not break: For still I hold it that to give Is sweeter than to take . Ah,Yesterday Was Dark And Drear - Mathilde Blind Artwork - Dorina Costras

CailinCeltic: And woke with wildest moan And wet face channeled like a brook With your tears or my own. Haunted - Mathilde Blind Photography - Cathleen Tarawhiti

RebekahMPhil: Also, the archives now has a copy of Mathilde Blind's Tarantella and I am over the moon about it!

CailinCeltic: Lapped in illimitable light, The woods and waters seemed to swoon, And clouds like angels-winged the night And slipped away into the Moon, Lost in that radiant flame above As we were lapped and lost in love. A White Night - Mathilde Blind Artwork - Jessica Drossin

kkunta__: Contact lenses and glasses should be free i never asked to be blind

childesasha: I was reading about Mathilde Blind ok

samgonzalez_18: Glasses and contacts should be free bc I didn’t ask to be blind

VeblenInstitute: “We aren’t deaf and blind to the debate on climate” Coeuré tells French Parliament

Mathilde_Paus: Today I broke my glasses. I now need to go in town to get them fixed, while being pretty much blind. The last time I went out with no glasses was over ten years ago. I can't cope.

c19editing: Ah, life grows lovely where you are. ~ Mathilde Blind ~

jkdiedrick: On an April 20 visit to the Keats and Shelley graves in Rome, I also saw the grave of E. J. Trelawny, buried next to Shelley. In 1880, Mathilde Blind published a revealing portrait of Trelawny just one year before his death:

RebekahMPhil: Can anyone recommend some good articles/books about end-of-century poets and Ancient Egypt? I know Mathilde Blind wrote some Egyptian poems, and Michael Field has those four intriguing Egyptian sonnets, but nothing is coming up in JSTOR.

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