Our Peace Is Being Destroyed Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I once found my self in a roomA
The physical description similar to heavenB
Its beauty its natural image all givenB
My presence I shrunk by its huge sizeC
As i walked forward i met a pure creatureD
Pure creature what creation of natureD
Pure creature its name i give as peaceE
Peace it is peace which i meanF
I took a few steps to acknowledge such purityG
Such beauty i went closer to see but noticedH
A gloomy face i saw with sadness fixedI
Surprised I asked what the problem was with curiosityG
An answer it gave which rendered me speechlessJ
Scared it made me restlessJ
An answer which it gave with illustrationB
Showing me something what horrible conditionB
Peace it is but at war it feelsK
Saying the world doesn't practice it deedsL
Saying it is burning deep down insideM
Because the peace in the world has been cast asideM
The pain it is going through because of all theseN
Being rejected are not its needsL
Came to this world to bring us closeO
But our selfishness it is being destroyedP
They say we are all oneB
They say all for one and one for allQ
But do they really mean itR
If then all ifS

Masrurah Hanafi
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 02/21/2021


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