The Spider And The Fly Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Will you walk into my parlorA
Said a spider to a flyB
'Tis the prettiest little parlorA
That ever you did spyB
The way into my parlorA
Is up a winding stairC
And I have many pretty thingsD
To show you when you're thereC
O no no said the little flyB
To ask me is in vainE
For who goes up your winding stairC
Can ne'er come down againF
I'm sure you must be wearyG
With soaring up so highB
Will you rest upon my little bedH
Said the spider to the flyB
There are pretty curtains drawn aroundI
The sheets are fine and thinJ
And if you like to rest awhileK
I'll snugly tuck you inJ
O no no said the little flyB
For I've often heard it saidH
They never never wake againF
Who sleep upon your bedH
Said the cunning spider to the flyB
Dear friend what shall I doL
To prove the warm affectionM
I've always felt for youL
I have within my pantryG
Good store of all that's niceN
I'm sure you're very welcomeO
Will you please to take a sliceN
O no no said the little flyB
Kind sir that cannot beG
I've heard what's in your pantryG
And I do not wish to seeG
Sweet creature said the spiderA
You're witty and you're wiseP
How handsome are your gauzy wingsD
How brilliant are your eyesP
I have a little looking glassQ
Upon my parlor shelfR
If you'll step in one moment dearS
You shall behold yourselfR
I thank you gentle sir she saidH
For what you're pleased to sayT
And bidding you good morning nowU
I'll call another dayT
The spider turned him round aboutV
And went into his denF
For well he knew the silly flyB
Would soon be back againF
So he wove a subtle webW
In a little corner slyB
And set his table readyG
To dine upon the flyB
He went out to his door againF
And merrily did singX
Come hither hither pretty flyB
With pearl and silver wingX
Your robes are green and purpleY
There's a crest upon your headH
Your eyes are like the diamond brightZ
But mine are dull as leadH
Alas alas how very soonA2
This silly little flyB
Hearing his wily flattering wordsB2
Came slowly flitting byB
With buzzing wings she hung aloftC2
Then near and nearer drewL
Thought only of her brilliant eyesP
And green and purple hueL
Thought only of her crested headH
Poor foolish thing At lastD2
Up jumped the cunning spiderA
And fiercely held her fastD2
He dragged her up his winding stairC
Into his dismal denF
Within his little parlor butE2
She ne'er came out againF
And now dear little childrenM
Who may this story readH
To idle silly flattering wordsB2
I pray you ne'er give heedF2
Unto an evil counselorA
Close heart and ear and eyeB
And take a lesson from this taleG2
Of the spider and the flyB

Mary Howitt


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yvette grunspahn: should be taught today in all classes<


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