Sonnet Xxxii: Blest As The Gods Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Blest as the Gods Sicilian Maid is heA
The youth whose soul thy yielding graces charmB
Who bound O thraldom sweet by beauty's armB
In idle dalliance fondly sports with theeA
Blest as the Gods that iv'ry throne to seeA
Throbbing with transports tender timid warmC
While round thy fragrant lips zephyrs swarmC
As op'ning buds attract the wand'ring BeeA
Yet short is youthful passion's fervid hourD
Soon shall another clasp the beauteous boyE
Soon shall a rival prove in that gay bow'rF
The pleasing torture of excessive joyE
The Bee flies sicken'd from the sweetest flow'rF
The lightning's shaft but dazzles to destroyE

Mary Darby Robinson


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