Mary Ann H. T. Bigelow High Poems

  • 1.
    When writing to you, friend, a subject I'd find
    In which there's both pleasure and profit combined,
    And though what I've chosen may pain in review,
    Yet still there's strange mingling of pleasure there too.
  • 2.
    By the river Euphrates the prophet abode,
    To whom Balak his messengers sent,
    Entreating his presence and curses on those
    Who on Moab's destruction were bent.
  • 3.
    When days are dark and spirits low,
    And hope desponding stands,
    What comfort these few words bestow,
    "My times are in thy hands."
  • 4.
    His thundering car
    Is heard from afar,
    And his trumpet notes sound
    All the country around;
  • 5.
    As the shadows of evening around me are falling,
    With its dark sombre curtain outspread,
    And night's just at hand, chilly night so appalling,
    And day's brilliant sunshine hath fled,
  • 6.
    Many, many thanks my friend,
    For those sweet verses thou didst send,
    So good they were and witty;
    And now I will confess to thee,
  • 7.
    Come blest Spirit from above,
    Come and fill my heart with love;
    Love to God, and love to man,
    Love to do the good I can;
  • 8.
    By especial request I take up my pen,
    To write a few lines to my dear Mrs. N.;
    And though nothing of depth she has right to expect;
    Yet the will for the deed she will not reject
  • 9.
    We meet to-day as ne'er before,
    To greet a pastor of our choice,
    Without a single jarring note,
    And without one dissenting voice.
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