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  • The Clouds Return After The Rain
    Dark and yet darker my day's clouded o'er;
    Are its bright joys all fled, and its sunshine no more?
    I look to the skies for the bright bow in vain,
    For constantly "clouds return after the rain." ...
  • To My Friend Mr. J. Ellis
    To thee, the guardian of my youthful days,
    Fain would I pay some tribute of respect;
    And though it falls far short of thy desert,
    The will to do thee justice thou'lt accept. ...
  • The Morning Drive

    Very like to a dream, ...
  • Written Upon Receiving A New Year's Gift
    I have a little Grandchild dear,
    Who sends to me on each new year
    A valuable present:
    Not costly gift from store-house bought, ...
  • For My Friend Mrs. R
    When writing to you, friend, a subject I'd find
    In which there's both pleasure and profit combined,
    And though what I've chosen may pain in review,
    Yet still there's strange mingling of pleasure there too. ...
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