Poetry Books by Marriott Edgar

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book RUSI and Brassey's weapons technology Authors: John Marriott, Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies
Published Date: 1978
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Kap.:Strategic Weapons. Naval Weapons: Anti-Submarine Warfare, Ship-to-Ship Missiles, Ship-to-Air Missiles, Weapons for Fast Attack Craft, Mine Warfare, Electronic Warfare at Sea, Naval Communications. Army Weapons: Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Main Battle Tanks, Anti-Tank Weapons, Artillery Weapons, Infantry Weapons, Battlefield Surveillance, Electronic Warfare on land, Army Communications. Air Force Weapons: Air Attack, Air-to-Surface Weapons, Air-to-Air Missiles, Remote Piloted Vehicles, Reconnaissance Satellites, Air Defence Electronic Warfare in the Air, Air Force Communications.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book American Epic Authors: Alice Marriott, Carol K. Rachlin
Publisher: Signet Book
Published Date: 1969
Categories: Indians of North America
Effects of European and Euro-American contacts on interrelations among the culture of the New World - a book for a general reader who is interested in his own country, its background and the hazards and struggles of a conquered people.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book Oklahoma, the Forty-Sixth Star Authors: Alice Lee Marriott, Carol K. Rachlin
Published Date: 1973
Categories: Oklahoma
Located in the Oklahoma Collection.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book MarĂ­a Authors: Alice Marriott
Published Date: 1948
Categories: Indian pottery
Major events in the life of Maria Martinez and her husband Julian who revived the ancient Pueblo Indian craft of pottery-making.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book Early Explorers in Australia Authors: Mrs. Ida Lee Marriott, Ida Lee
Published Date: 1925
Categories: Australia
See hard copy for annotation.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book Horror Authors: James Marriott, Kim Newman
Publisher: Andre Deutsch
Published Date: 2008-10-01
Categories: Performing Arts
This book explaines the start of horror films and goes through to the present day.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book On Black Men Authors: David Marriott
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Social Science
Mutilated, dying, or dead, black men play a role in the psychic life of culture. From national dreams to media fantasies, there is a persistent imagining of what black men must be. This book explores the legacy of that role, particularly its violent effect on how black men have learned to see themselves and one another. David Marriott draws upon popular culture, ranging from lynching photographs to current Hollywood film, as well as the ideas of key thinkers, including Frantz Fanon, Richard Wright, James Baldwin, and John Edgar Wideman, to reveal a vicious pantomime of unvarying reification and compulsive fascination, of whites looking at themselves through images of black desolation, and of blacks dispossessed by that process.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book Indians of the Four Corners Authors: Alice Lee Marriott
Published Date: 1952
Categories: Indians of North America
Discusses the Anasazi Indian culture and that of their descendants the Pueblo Indians.

Marriott Edgar Books, Marriott Edgar poetry book Meccano Authors: Roger Marriott
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Published Date: 2012-07-20
Categories: Antiques & Collectibles
It has now been over a century since Frank Hornby invented a toy to amuse his sons and called it Meccano, coining a word which has entered the dictionary as a term in common usage and is now known all over the world. Hornby's vision of an educational toy became the basis of perhaps the most successful British toy business of the twentieth century. Meccano has amused generations of children, encouraging many to become successful engineers. Roger Marriott here explores the long history of Meccano, charting the development of the various sets and components, which for decades have been interchangeable, and explains the endless fascination of this iconic construction toy.

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