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The poet doesn't like to talk, so he lets his writing speak for him....
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  • Let Us Talk About Opinions
    Anything you convey to a person in any way whatsoever is information.
    Philosophy and information are founded on either facts or falsehood.
    If you disagree with someone’s opinion, that does not make it misinformation.
    What would happen if we stop sharing information with one another? ...
  • A Sad Love Poem
    I wonder if Nova desires my embrace tonight.
    Is she hoping that I’m thinking about her?
    Does she wonder if we’ll be together again?
  • Spanish Lips
    “I'm in love with you, darling,” that's what I told you.
    The sun was shining through the summerhouse.
    Your Spanish lips were as pretty as a red carnation.
  • It Felt Like A Dream
    Yesterday I had a bad dream that seemed to be a reality.
    The girl I loved with my whole heart broke up with me.
    Even though it happened many years ago, I couldn’t forget her.
    When I thought about her, sadness overwhelmed my heart. ...
  • Pensamientos De Amor
    Me pregunto si Yolanda está pensando en mi esta noche.
    ¿Se está ella preguntando si ella está la mujer en mi mente?
    ¿Ella me ve cuando ella cierra los ojos?
    Espero que ella quiera soñar conmigo cuando se duerma. ...
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Olivia: I love your poems

Joash mogaka : An igo mentor.
Who balances
Feelings and emotions
Through a word.
Phernnink : You are am inspired ...
Poet doesn't talk he let his writing do the talking
Imani Jayden: Your writing is beautiful
Abigail gelant: You have a gift of using words to create strong emosions inside a person. Thank you for sharing that gift. Keep writing amazing poems

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