Christmas is special,
And will forever be.
For anyone;
Who does believe.

But have you thought of the poor,
How do they celebrate Christmas?
Or do they even have a Christmas?

Well my friends,
They do have a Christmas.
But they don't call a lot of friends,
They have a quiet Christmas.

No gifts, no toys,
No goodies, no bag full of joys,
Just a special night,
Around a bonfire bright.

And the elders tell,
Who know the true take so we'll;
Keeping the flame of faith and love alive,
In the hearts of all the alive.

No cake, no Christmas tree,
No sleigh, no Santa's glee,
Just a simple little kiss,
That's all to celebrate Christmas

Christmas is special,
And will forever be.
For everyone,
Who does believe.

The true meaning of Christmas,
Is to remember that;
Little baby in the stable mess.
The true life fact.