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IAmNickReynolds: The OIG will review 18 flights Buttigieg made on Federal Aviation Administration-operated (FAA) planes on seven total trips after a request by Sen. Marco Rubio. The costs of the flights for Buttigieg and staff was $41,905.20, a DOT spox claimed.

mgbirish1: Sec. Buttigieg responds to Marco Rubio’s call to resign over train derai...

jefftimmer: From the Marco Rubio L'il Boots Collection

truth_revisited: I say we exchange Florida for the Ukraine for peace in Eastern Europe. With Florida's pro-Russian leadership, Ron DeSantis, Rick Scott, Matt Gaetz, Marco Rubio and of course little Comrade Donald, and coupled with much real estate investment, they practically own it anyway.

meredithllee: Some farm state lawmakers, however, lauded parts of Trump’s plans. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), a potential 2024 presidential contender himself, said tariffs are “the only angle we have to protect our markets from their unfair practices.”

Gadling: Skift Take: Besides Marco Rubio trying to stir things up, what stands out in this story is that government charter flights are actually said to be cheaper than the price of commercial airline tickets. Take note, flyers.

fedupamerican19: GOP Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Ron Johnson, were given $500,000 from big rail corporations now they're against regulations. Rail corp spent millions of lobbying officials not to support stronger transportation safety regulations,

darreldrowland: Ohio Sens Sherrod Brown, JD Vance introducing bipartisan Railway Safety Act of 2023 "to prevent future train disasters like the derailment that devastated East Palestine" Also on board: Sens Bob Casey (D-PA), Marco Rubio (R-FL), John Fetterman (D-PA), Josh Hawley (R-MO)

MariaBartiromo: Wall Street's interest in China is 'very powerful,' has 'real influence': Sen. Marco Rubio

Bloody_Heck: ICYMI from 2015 scroll about 30 paragraphs see where Rubio double dipped his own trips

MeetThePress: The Transportation Department's internal watchdog will audit the use of government jets by Sec. Pete Buttigieg. The review, requested by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), will also extend back to Buttigieg’s Trump administration predecessor, Elaine Chao.

garci32: Joe went to Kyiv,Ukraine. Peter Buttigieg went to New Palestine ,Ohio, Lyin Ted Cruz went to Cancun !!! Marco Rubio,I don't even f*cking know where he is and who cares where he is !

FloridaGOP: Marco Rubio Calls on Biden Administration to Cancel Cuban Regime’s U.S. Visit

RueDaungier: Victoria Nuland asked by Marco Rubio if the US had bioweapons in Ukraine, admits that the US had biolabs in Ukraine.

mkraju: Sen. Marco Rubio, ranking on Senate Intelligence, tells us it’s not clear whether Gang of Eight will get to see classified documents or learn about their contents when they’re briefed about the records appearing at homes of Trump, Biden and Pence. “I'm not sure what to expect”

AngelRe96386095: Folks, Marco Rubio has Pete Buttigieg being audited for his travel accommodations. Pete shoots back with: "The vast majority of the time, I travel on commercial airlines

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