Louise Bogan Dark Poems

  • 1.
    The dark is thrown
    Back from the brightness, like hair
    Cast over a shoulder.
    I am alone,
  • 2.
    All night the cocks crew, under a moon like day,
    And I, in the cage of sleep, on a stranger's breast,
    Shed tears, like a task not to be put away---
    In the false light, false grief in my happy bed,
  • 3.
    I do not know where either of us can turn
    Just at first, waking from the sleep of each other.
    I do not know how we can bear
    The river struck by the gold plummet of the moon,
  • 4.
    Beautiful, my delight,
    Pass, as we pass the wave.
    Pass, as the mottled night
    Leaves what it cannot save,
  • 5.
    Now that I have your face by heart, I look
    Less at its features than its darkening frame
    Where quince and melon, yellow as young flame,
    Lie with quilled dahlias and the shepherd's crook.
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