Poetry Books by Louise Bogan

Louise Bogan Books, Louise Bogan poetry book Our Thirty Year Old Friendship Authors: Louise Bogan, Leon Arksey
Published Date: 1997-01-01
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Letters between Louise Bogan and Mildred Weston, and poems by Mildred Weston.

Louise Bogan Books, Louise Bogan poetry book Sentimental Education Authors: Gustave Flaubert, Dora Knowlton Ranous, Louise Bogan
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Published Date: 2006-12-01
Categories: Fiction
Set amid the revolution of 1848, Flaubert's masterpiece combines political and social upheaval with scrutiny of individual motives in a compelling blend of romance, history, and satire.

Louise Bogan Books, Louise Bogan poetry book Journey around my room Authors: Louise Bogan, Ruth Limmer
Publisher: Viking Pr
Published Date: 1981-11-01
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Journal and notebook entries, memoirs, stories, poems, and excerpts from letters form a mosaic illuminating the life and art of the lyric poet and literary critic

Louise Bogan Books, Louise Bogan poetry book Modern American Poetry Authors: Louis Untermeyer
Published Date: 1950
Categories: American poetry
This combined volume of 1260 pages now includes 1483 poems: 738 poems by 64 American poets and 745 poems by 69 British poets. Thus the book offers an opportunity for comparative study in similarities and differences. Within its range it presents a comprehensive history of experiment and accomplishment, periods and personalities, conflicting tendencies and eventual triumphs.

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Robert Service Poem
The Three Bares
 by Robert Service

Ma tried to wash her garden slacks but couldn't get 'em clean
And so she thought she'd soak 'em in a bucket o' benzine.
It worked all right. She wrung 'em out then wondered what she'd do
With all that bucket load of high explosive residue.
She knew that it was dangerous to scatter it around,
For Grandpa liked to throw his lighted matches on the ground.
Somehow she didn't dare to pour it down the kitchen sink,
And what the heck to do with it, poor Ma jest couldn't think.

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