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Louise Bogan (August 11, 1897 – February 4, 1970) was an American poet. She was appointed the fourth Poet Laureate to the Library of Congress in 1945, and was the first woman to hold this title. Throughout her life she wrote poetry, fiction, and criticism, and became the regular poetry reviewer for The New Yorker.Dictionary of Literary Biography contributor Brett C. Millier described her as "one of the finest lyric poets America has produced." He said, "the fact that she was a woman and that she defended formal, lyric poetry in an age of expansive experimentation made evaluation of her work, until quite recently, somewhat condescending."

Early life

Bogan was born in Livermore Falls, Maine. With the help of a female benefactor, Bogan attended Girls' Latin School ...
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Louise Bogan Poems

  • Chanson Un Peu Naà¯ve
    What body can be ploughed,
    Sown, and broken yearly?
    But she would not die, she vowed,
    But she has, nearly. ...
  • To A Dead Lover
    The dark is thrown
    Back from the brightness, like hair
    Cast over a shoulder.
    I am alone, ...
  • Man Alone
    It is yourself you seek
    In a long rage,
    Scanning through light and darkness
    Mirrors, the page, ...
  • Cassandra
    To me, one silly task is like another.
    I bare the shambling tricks of lust and pride.
    This flesh will never give a child its mother,â??
    Song, like a wing, tears through my breast, my side, ...
  • Last Hill In A Vista
    Come, let us tell the weeds in ditches
    How we are poor, who once had riches,
    And lie out in the sparse and sodden
    Pastures that the cows have trodden, ...
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Elliottblackwe3: i cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering; surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy! - louise bogan (art by nancy lane)
Poemtoday: two poems by louise bogan ...
Notnotafemcel: i cannot stop making playlists based on louise bogan poems it's like an addiction
Irishamericamus: louise bogan, whose father was of irish origin, was a well-known poetry critic & poet, developing a style that was completely modern while constructing her poetry in a traditional way. she was the 1st woman appointed the 4th poet laureate in 1945.
Adamgussow: yikes. this is a whole lot closer to louise bogan's "shave 'em dry" than i realized contemporary pop culture was getting. (my son just called out from his room, "everybody in school is listening to that, dad.") please don't kill the messenger. 1.1m views.
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