In my brokenness I ran back
Scattered to pieces
I crambled back
I got every fibre of my being invested.

Hung on to the glorious days
A bandage to all these wounds
I’m caught in familiarity comfort
That I’m ruled by fantasies
of my broken bones being mended
By you and only you
But how come would you break them?

I’m caught in comfort familiarity
That I endure the knives on my back,
thorns on my feet
And the bullet penetrating my heart

Have I completely given up on my life?
I made you my lifetime
No wonder I’m terrified of your loss
I remember the hero so masculine
I lost my heroine….crown
You’ve been my armour in all armies

Unbelievable is that my shield
Today got me shivering
Weaponised and thrown to bury me?
I see everything as clear as clear skies
But I keep searching for the moon and stars

cushioned in familiarity
To a place of no return
I’ve been bewildered, berserk and burned-out.
Because I buried alive…
every fibre of my being within you

But know this…
When I leave this home
I’m not selling
I want it crushed to the ground
And all doors burned to ashes.