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Lola Ridge, born Rose Emily Ridge (12 December 1873 Dublin – 19 May 1941 Brooklyn) was an Irish-American anarchist poet and an influential editor of avant-garde, feminist, and Marxist publications. She is best remembered for her long poems and poetic sequences, published in numerous magazines and collected in five books of poetry.

Along with other political poets of the early Modernist period, Ridge has received renewed critical attention since the beginning of the 21st century and is praised for writing poetry from harsh urban life. A new selection of her poetry was published in 2007 and a biography, Anything That Burns You: A Portrait of Lola Ridge, Radical Poet in 2016.

Early lifeBackground She was born in 1873 in Dublin, Ireland to...
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Lola Ridge Poems

  • Dedication (to My Mother)
    Let me cradle myself back
    Into the darkness
    Of the half shapes...
    Of the cauled beginnings... ...
  • The Tidings (easter 1916)
    Censored lies that mimic truth...
    Censored truth as pale as fear...
    My heart is like a rousing bell -
    And but the dead to hear... ...
  • Snow Dance For The Dead
    Dance, little children ... it is holy twilight . . .
    Have you hung paper flowers about the necks of the ikons?
    Dance soft . . . but very gaily ... on tip-toes like the snow.
  • Windows

    Hallo, Metropolitanâ??
    Ubiquitous windows staring all ways, ...
  • The Spilling Of The Wine
    The soldiers lie upon the snow,
    That no longer gyrates under the spinning lights
    Night juggles in her fat black hands.
    They will not babble any more secrets to loose-mouthed ...
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Wind 38 Light 37 Night 31 White 25 Red 22 Black 22 Green 20 World 20 Great 20 Fire 17

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Comments about Lola Ridge

  • Liang17842387: dreams will to light. lola ridge
  • Anamolmani: and if we should meet the snow, whirling in spirals, and he should blind my eyes. . . ally, you will defend me— you will hold me close, blowing on my eyelids. •lola ridge
  • Teresesvoboda: hope noonan-stoner celebrates lola ridge's take on the seemingly mundane beauty of urban multiculturalism and her stinging criticism of the growing wealth inequality. -- in 1918.
  • Felwaalhudaithy: “your dreams ache–” lola ridge, to the many; collected poems of lola ridge; 'potpourri'
  • Daithitoms: excited to start serious planning for my paper at this year's online nordic irish studies network conference considering some similarities in the poetries of lola ridge and rudolf nilsen. i'll also be doing a reading of my own work during an evening session.
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