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Edwin John Dove Pratt, CMG FRSC (February 4, 1882 – April 26, 1964), who published as E. J. Pratt, was "the leading Canadian poet of his time." He was a Canadian poet from Newfoundland who lived most of his life in Toronto, Ontario. A three-time winner of the country's Governor General's Award for poetry, he has been called "the foremost Canadian poet of the first half of the century."

Early life EJ Pratt was born Edwin John Dove Pratt in Western Bay, Newfoundland, on February 4, 1882. He was brought up in a variety of Newfoundland communities as his father John Pratt was posted around the colony as a Methodist minister. John Pratt was originally a lead miner from Old Gang mines in Gunnerside - a village in North Yorkshire, England. In 1850’s he be...
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E. J. Pratt Poems

  • The Witches' Brew
    Perched on a dead volcanic pile,
    Now charted as a submerged peak,
    Near to a moon-washed coral isle,
    A hundred leagues from Mozambique,...
  • The Toll Of The Bells

    We gave them at the harbour every token-
    The ritual of the guns, and at the mast...
  • The Supreme Test
    Now it was clear to every Shade
    That some great wonder was before them,
    As Tom upon the palisade
    Emptied, as fast as Lulu bore them,...
  • The Shark
    He seemed to know the harbour,
    So leisurely he swam;
    His fin,
    Like a piece of sheet-iron,...
  • The Sea-cat
    It's not for us to understand
    How life on earth began to be,
    How forms that lived within the sea
    Should leave the water for the land;...
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Sea 15 Wild 9 Night 9 Water 9 Fish 7 Great 7 Life 7 Time 6 Face 6 Sun 6

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  • Kevinjguest: “it took the sea an hour one night, an hour of storm to place the sculpture of these granite seams upon a woman’s face.” - e. j. pratt (my grandfather was lost at sea and never found. my grandmother had 3 kids under 5 and was pregnant on the 4th at the time. over 50 years ago).
  • Drranshaw: it took the sea a thousand years, a thousand years to trace the granite features of this cliff, in crag and scarp and base. it took the sea an hour one night, an hour of storm to place the sculpture of these granite seams upon a woman's face. -e.j. pratt
  • Strandpaper: we’re super excited to announce that issue 3 is officially available to read!! you can pick up a physical copy of the strand on campus at various places like e. j. pratt library! p. s. can you guess where on campus this is?
  • Vinman17: chris pratt is playing mario
  • Aprehx: chris pratt
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