Speak Roughly To Your Little Boy Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


And with that sheA
began nursing her child again singing a sort ofB
lullaby to it as she did so and giving it a vioB
lent shake at the end of every lineC
Speak roughly to your little boyD
And beat him when he sneezesE
He only does it to annoyD
Because he knows it teases CHORUSF
in which the cook and the baby joined Wow wow wow While the Duchess sang the second verse ofB
the song she kept tossing the baby violently upG
and down and the poor little thing howled soH
that Alice could hardly hear the wordsI
I speak severely to my boyD
I beat him when he sneezesE
For he can thoroughly enjoyD
The pepper when he pleases CHORUS Wow wow wowJ

Lewis Carroll


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