I am dead
And when, by some Muse, awakened
I die again killed and decayed
My death is the lauded lingerie
As amulets on your waste worn
And so is your rousing my ruin

I am the dross
From your dirty deeds dug
Like the dust to its dust
Are your undoing untoward
They yodel the choruses of lust
And herald the ding of doom

I am that immortal
Preyed, as it so happened,
By your secreted, sweetened venom
In whose taste came my dire death
A needful evil of unquenched quests
That only a lone still grave yield

I am, albeit, the loved
Restored to my once immortal self
By the impeccable love of a Son
In whose graced and guiltless death
My self and soul a meaning became
As a god's that lives forever and a day