I am desperate for a peaceful resting
From the exhaustion of nursing this electric surge tugging through my soul
Every strike invokes a hounding feeling of scornfulness
It is just too strong to calm

I am one born of disappointments and moulded in frustrations
Infused in rage
I have no energy to pull the plug
I have no one to pull the plug, to make it stop

You watch as if you care
For you it means nothing, to you it matters not
You are ignorant because you have taken and reaped everything
You are the cause of it all, the monster who crippled my soul
Even too painful to bear are the agonies from the gushing incisions by your hands
It is a struggle for me to heal, to numb the pain
When it suits you, you pretend, and oppose as if you care

I want to escape from it all
My power to fight is drained-you should smile
My armour is broken, and my soul penetrated and exposed-you should be proud
My defences crushed-you should dance

I am no longer willing to hope
I want to go
I need to rest and quiet down my mind
To experience serenity
I need a place where I can lick my wounds one last time
Before I fall quietly into an eternal healing slumber>