I woke up this mornin-
-Bout half-past three.
All the womens in town
Was gathered round me.

Sweet gals was a-moanin-,
-Sylvester-s gonna die!�
And a hundred pretty mamas
Bowed their heads to cry.

I woke up little later
-Bout half-past fo-,
The doctor -n- undertaker-s
Both at ma do-.

Black gals was a-beggin-,
-You can-t leave us here!�
Brown-skins cryin-, -Daddy!
Honey! Baby! Don-t go, dear!�

But I felt ma time-s a-comin-,
And I know-d I-s dyin- fast.
I seed the River Jerden
A-creepin- muddy past-
But I-s still Sweet Papa -Vester,
Yes, sir! Long as life do last!

So I hollers, -Com-ere, babies,
Fo- to love yo- daddy right!�
And I reaches up to hug -em-
When the Lawd put out the light.

Then everything was darkness
In a great ... big ... night.