*Covid 19- Poem*

Uninvited,you came into the world.Destroying,distracting and disturbing our livilihood.Oh ,what wrong have we done to you to deserve such untimely death!

Like lighting you came into the world.Striking, stripping and slipping into our homesteads,compromising our peace! Oh what kind of debt do we owe you to deserve such cruelty!

Like a mighty volcano,you erupt,erode and erase humans on mother earth. You leave us with nothing but sorrow and bitterness. Oh,what kind of a curse is this that's too late to be reversed!

Like a strong wind, first into China,you blew,bred and buried your scary self into human bodies. You made us your host. Oh, what is it that you want from us that you can't even name!

Like a war,you torment,torture and tear people apart. You drew your own battle front. Not even a warning sign to shield ourselves! If we had known in time,perhaps we could have prepared. Oh ,what kind of an ultimatimatum is this that you cannot understand!

Uninvited you came,unnounced you should leave! Heavenly Father if thou art findeth favour in thine eyes,let this corona virus be put to shame. Oh God,what sacrifice shall we render to thee that can consume this monster of a disease! Corona,we have had enough!