How I pray!
Desert fathers and mothers of today,
Let there be no love between man and woman
Because love between a man and a man,
A woman and a woman, that’s all they want.
Facilitate Russian with the strength,
To crush the world in third world war.
Let money be the power,
And power be the money.
Let thunder and lightning thud the world.
Infest the world with more STDs besides AIDS,
That everybody may fall sick.
Let all mothers die during abortion
Let the world come to an end,
That we may see judgment day.
Dry all the lakes and oceans,
So that people can drink from
The blood they shed.
Let the world open up its mouth and
Devour us with its fangs.
Let the sun set and never rise again,
That darkness may take control.
Let everybody be blind that they may not
See the universe again
Let everybody live in desolation,
Let all of them die.
That there may be no one to bury another
Let the world fall apart,
So that we may see the real face of apocalypse.