Life, give it, take it better yet form it, play the right keys to form hands, movement to form legs and a rhythm moving slow to the sweet jams of the 90's to form a body.
Life, lifeless it's all the same one day you're okay and the next your life on this earth has been documented on a page. Bye bye sweet thing with a note on the side that you've lived, not long for you didn't even say goodbye.
Live, die the heart cries as a piece tears itself out leaving nothing but a sprout. Hearthache, tears, fears oh how we fear the unknown, the untold, the beginning of a story waiting to unfold.
Blood gushes through my legs like water trying to escape the pipes that keep it safe. Hurt, pain better yet numb because to feel is a weakness seen by all acknowledged by none.
Where to?, how far?, this story hasn't even begun because I've waited too long to tell it and somethings just can't be undone.