Oh so you're daddy now?
These are the the fruits of the seed you laid,
Are you happy now?
All the darkness shall be prevailed

See, I said karma would come for you.
And now I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?
No this is my time for rejoice!
Finally these words that are spoken are within my voice!

But I see the pain in your eyes like the world's demise
I see a little boy longing for his mother's voice in any of his sites
I see the tears falling so ripple like the heart is of ice
And dammit, you love us today and it sort of feels nice

What happened to the anger I always saw in your eyes?
Daddy I'm calling out your name, no voices I can hear there's no light
Your lies, your fights had you no light so much that you even knew how to create smiles
I told you karma would come for you, but this doesn't feel right