Talking To Patrizia Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Patrizia doesn't want toA
Talk about love sheB
Says she justC
Wants to makeD
Love but she talksE
About it almost endlessly to meB
It is horrible itF
Is the worst thing in lifeG
Says PatriziaE
Not death not sicknessE
Is as bad as loveI
I am alwaysE
In love I am alwaysE
Suffering from loveI
Says Patrizia NowJ
I am used to itF
But I am suffering all the sameK
Do you know what I did to herL
Once speakingH
Of her girlfriend I kicked her outM
I literally kicked her she was down on the floor and IN
Gave her the colpi di piedi theO
Kicks of my foot She slided outM
She did thisE
To me promised to go on a tripP
I am all waiting preparedQ
Suitcases and ticketsE
She comes and says her other friend finds out sheB
Can't go she guessed about it I KICKED her outM
Oh we are still togetherL
Sometimes But love is horrible I thoughtR
You might be the bestS
Person to talk to Patrizia since youA
Love women and are a womanT
Yourself You may be right PatriziaE
Said But this woman who abandonsE
You I think you shouldU
Disappear Though maybe with this womanT
Disappearing won't workV
I think not disappearW
It's too bad I don't know herL
If I knew her if I could see herL
Just for ten minutes I'm afraidX
If you saw her you might takeD
Her away from me PatriziaE
Laughs No it hasn't happened to meB
Thank God to like such young women yetY
Why When you are myN
Age still young sheB
Is thirty nine you are close enoughZ
To people very young toA
Know how horrible they areA2
And you don't love themB2
You don't want to have anythingH
To do with them OhC2
Uh huh I said puttingH
My hands down on the table and then offD2
Look at you excuse me but I have to laughE2
At you sitting in this horribleF2
Restaurant at one o'clockG2
In the morning in aO
City you don't want to beB
In and why For this womanT
It is horrible I know butH2
Also funnyB
I know I said Listen I haveI2
An idea Do you know her address You know whereJ2
She lives You should go thereJ2
Go and hide thereJ2
Outside her houseE
In the bushesE
Then when she comes outM
You jump outM
You confront her You will seeB
If there is loveI
In her eyes or not It can'tK2
Be hidden You will know It can't be mistakenT
This works This has always workedL2
For me It won't work for me I can'tK2
Go and hide there It is trueA
Patrizia says when there is love everythingH
Works when there isn't nothing does LoveI
Is a god These Freudian things I don't believe at allM2
This god you have to do whatH2
He wants you to you areA2
Angry but all you really wantN2
Is to get her back Then revenge IfO2
This woman did something like this to meB
I would simply dislike her in factP2
I would hate her You may want to considerL
Patrizia said that this woman isE
Doing this test to you No IN
Said I know she's not I know something I feelQ2
A hundred years old YetY
You don't look so bad Patrizia saidR2
Find another woman I can't IN
Know Patrizia said But one always thinks itF
Is a good idea ButH2
If you can't you can't IN
Can't even eatS2
This food Patrizia I saidR2
I'm sorry I said Patrizia to be soC2
Boring I can't stop talking ForgiveT2
Me It doesn't bore me at allM2
Patrizia says It's my favorite subjectU2
It isn't every day one sees somebodyB
In such a state you can help him by talking to stay aliveV2
You know Patrizia says if sheB
Does this thing to you nowJ
She will do it againW2
And again so you'd better be readyB
Maybe you can get the advantageX2
By saying she is right youA
Don't love her Good bye You leaveY2
However if you want herL
You should go into the bushesE
And surprise her when they see youA
It always makes a differenceE
I can't go hide there PatriziaE
That's insane I went but notZ2
Hiding and not confrontingH
Patrizia What did she say I saidR2
The same things Patrizia saidR2
Did you see love in her eyes I saidR2
No I didn't I sawE
Something else In Florence it's rainyB
Her relatively short hair andA3
Her eyes along the ArnoC2
The last time I'll ever see her againW2
As the one I am seeing againW2
When seeing again still has some meaningH
It's finished Patrizia's sayingH
For now but don't worryB
I think you will get her backB3
But it will be too late Oh Patrizia IN
Let my back and head fall againstC3
The chair Late isn't anythingH

Kenneth Koch


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