Kenneth Koch Person Poems

  • 1.
    Nothing's moving I don't see anybody
    And I know that it's not a trick
    There really is nothing moving there
    And there aren't any people. It is the very utmost top
  • 2.
    Patrizia doesn't want to
    Talk about love she
    Says she just
    Wants to make
  • 3.
    There is no way not to be excited
    When what you have been disillusioned by raises its head
    From its arms and seems to want to talk to you again.
    You forget home and family
  • 4.
    In a poem, one line may hide another line,
    As at a crossing, one train may hide another train.
    That is, if you are waiting to cross
    The tracks, wait to do it for one moment at
  • 5.
    It takes a lot of a person's life
    To be French, or English, or American
    Or Italian. And to be at any age. To live at any certain time.
    The Polish-born resident of Manhattan is not merely a representative of
  • 6.
    The sun is high, the seaside air is sharp,
    And salty light reveals the Mayan School.
    The Irish hope their names are on the harp,
    We see the sheep's advertisement for wool,
  • 7.
    I remember when I wrote The Circus
    I was living in Paris, or rather we were living in Paris
    Janice, Frank was alive, the Whitney Museum
    Was still on 8th Street, or was it still something else?
  • 8.
    A serious moment for the water is
    when it boils
    And though one usually regards it
    merely as a convenience
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