Kenneth R. Jenkins Good Poems

  • 1.
    Get your knee off my neck...

    And while you doing injustice
    While not breathing and in a wreck
  • 2.
    to Tice, Sherry, Pat, Simone, Marieta and Ms Queen

    Girls to the end
    No matter what
  • 3.
    to Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen

    The common man gets up in the morning
    To work in. order to feed his family,
  • 4.
    Good evening Mr. and Miss America,
    We interrupt your lives for the following foolishness that's in your hearing!
    Your president has just ordered our young men to go to war.
    Mothers are in prayer but not so much fearing
  • 5.
    The night train moves
    Quickly in the night's air
    And the noise from the train
    Keeps a steady beat lugging home.
  • 6.
    Can you walk a mile
    In my Sunday shoes?
    Go to places I've been long and wide
    Or some places you'll pay your dues?
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