Mom says, “Shoulders back and stand up straight.”
I do what she says, but I’m crumbling under all the weight.
She says, “Stop acting like a boy.”
So, I give in and allow her to dress me up like some kind of toy.

She says, “Wear your own jackets. Be the real you.”
Never does she stop to wonder if this is what I already do.
Uncle says, “You’re a spoon-fed brat.”
Well, maybe I should just disappear. Would you like that?

Stop… deep breaths… “one… two… three…”
Wait, is that a monster? No. It’s just me.
Then again. I’ve turned into a beast beyond belief,
And all I can do is bring people pain and grief.

Why try to change me? Are you not done?
Don’t you see you’ve already won?
You’re just pushing me past my breaking point always fail to realize,
I am never to be approached like I’m harmless or to be turned into a prize.

I can bring you more pain than you’ll know,
But I don’t because I won’t let you see the things I’ll never show.
No, you can't stop my demons from breaking through.
Trust me on this. There’s nothing left anyone can do.