During the day, throughout the night,
I trust whoever reads this keeps their lips sealed tight.
Each night, when you go to lay your head,
I’ll be in my room, not sleeping, but, crying instead.
Do not be alarmed by the words you see.
For, when I awake, I really do become a happier me.
Place to place, home to home.
You’ve no clue how much my mind can roam.
My past might not be bad to some who hear the things I say.
Yet, when they ask why I don’t feel lucky, I wish myself away.
Many things are known about my past,
But many people have judged it way too fast.
I’m sleeping more and eating less,
And every day adds to the stress.
Leaves me feeling more like a mistake,
Feeling insecure so my smiles tend to be fake.
I promise I’m okay, don’t worry about me.
One day, I’ll set things right. Just wait, you’ll see.
I might not be strong, speedy, or tall,
But I promise you I don’t try to hurt you at all.
I tend to feel like a toy, a freak, or a maid,
And from this world, I feel I’m starting to fade.
I feel like a monster and I’m always misunderstood,
I swear! Is hurting people all I do good?
I’m lying on my floor, crying from the pain,
And when I look out my window, I just see rain.
Wait, I hear footsteps from outside my room,
I have to dry my eyes. Or else it might spell doom.