Kate Northrop World Poems

  • 1.
    Not much of a dog yet,
    that smudge in the distance, beyond the reach

    of focus. It's just an impressionist
  • 2.
    Down the hill, in the field of sweet alfalfa, they're
    freezing each other, the children

    playing tag and I'm up at the house, I'm
  • 3.
    How can you stand it-looking at things?
    For example, the geranium

    out on the patio, the single pink
  • 4.
    Their reward is
    they become innocent again,

    and when they reappear in memory
  • 5.
    -sundown, Miami

    They've come through the sliding door,
    her first,
  • 6.
    -to my sister

    Because the moon in late October made landmarks glow: the broken
    gate, our yard
  • 7.
    I. Kempton, Pennsylvania

    Perhaps the last of the light
    lifting this evening from the field of wheat
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