You think life is unfair because you haven't yet made it
Well take a look at something
I want us to understand one thing
Listen to this!!!!
Its only been twenty years so put a hold up on those tears
Whiles your mind is at space and your palms are against your face
Know that he died for our sake and will never leave as astray
Never allow this moment to be your torment
Because you were never established to be an embarrassment
You keep sinking down so low
Thinking you have no hope
And forgetting you can glow tomorrow
The world's become so hard
With no opportunity to thrive
You try so hard to be understood
In a world that never understands
You realise all the questions you wish to ask
But no one to direct them at
But only one question was most pressing to your heart
What's happening to your life??
Is what you badly wanted to ask Christ
You can never explain his ways
Even when you try months or days
For his ways reflects what he says
And what he says is a measure of his Grace
Jesus will have you make it!!