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oceansmilfs: happy birthday to the iconic julia roberts!!

h_kuchtjak: Call that Julia roberts

totallygoodtime: Happiest of all birthdays to Julia Roberts!

ZyiteGadgets: Famous birthdays for Oct. 28: Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts

ZyiteGadgets: Famous birthdays for Oct. 28: Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts

RezaPars: "You can be true to the character all you want but you've got to go home with yourself." - Actor Julia Roberts

Yhd2021: Julia Roberts 53 today

celebheadlinesb: self-conscious Julia Roberts phased Angelina Jolie on the Google headquarters

stevebr98325879: Happy 54th birthday to actress Julia Roberts, (Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman)

NahashonKimemia: Erasmus (humanist, theologian), John Laurens (wanted blacks recruited into US army, 1 of the last casualties of US civil war), Jonas Salk (1st successful inactivated polio vaccine, didn't patent it), Bill Gates & Julia Roberts (actor, Runaway Bride) are born Were you born today?

samber____: "The older you get, the more fragile you understand life to be. I think that's good motivation for getting out of bed joyfully each day." Julia Roberts THURSAYA WithSAMBER

aIexIevy: happy 54th birthday julia roberts! <3

NewOnBritBoxUK: Notting Hill [Movie] 1hr 58m [15] Romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, 1999. A bookshop owner's life is turned upside down when he meets the most famous film star in the world....

robertsposts: happy birthday to the one and only, julia roberts!

PSHLimited: 28th October is Julia Roberts' birthday, famous in her role as the voice of Charlotte the spider in Charlotte's Web. Halloween is approaching with spiders and spooks and all around but you can keep yourself cosy and safe with a regular boiler service and Carbon monoxide detectors

oxley264: JULIA ROBERTS 54 today Pretty Woman • Steel Magnolias Sleeping with the Enemy • Hook The Pelican Brief • The Player Notting Hill • Erin Brockovich Michael Collins • Mystic Pizza Runaway Bride • Oceans Eleven Mary Reilly • The Normal Heart Wonder • Closer • Stepmom

FXMC1957: 28 October 1967. Hollywood star, Julia Roberts, was born in Smyrna, Georgia, USA. She gained international fame after starring in romantic comedy Pretty Woman. She won the Oscar for Best Actress for her performance in Erin Brockovich.

verasblunt: appreciation tweet for julia roberts in notting hill because it’s the queen’s birthday!

HBurpday: October 28 Today's birthdays :- David Dixon (74) Caitlyn Jenner (72) Bill Gates (66) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (65) Lauren Holly (58) Jason Watkins (55) Julia Roberts (54) Joaquin Phoenix (47) Gwendoline Christie (43) Matt Smith (39) Joe Thomas (38) Nolan Gould (23) 2/2

bestofjroberts: julia roberts and richard gere, 1998.

DavidHa35446508: on this day 1726 gullivers travels published 1958 pope john XX111 became head 1958 state opening of parliament televised 1st time 1971 MPs voted for britain joining EEC 1955 Bill Gates born 1967 Julia Roberts born

bestofjroberts: Julia Roberts turns 54 today. Happy Birthday!

VogueParis: Happy birthday Julia Roberts !

luxurystreep: happy birthday julia roberts <33

Naijawapz1: Famous birthdays for Oct. 28: Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts

scarliesfilm: JULIA ROBERTS’ DAY

Naijawapz1: Famous birthdays for Oct. 28: Joaquin Phoenix, Julia Roberts

sumitkrsna: Oscar Winner Hollywood actress I am proud to be a Hindu,Hindusim has gifted gita,vedas,yoga, meditation,ayurveda to the mankind, I have named my child as Lakshmi, Ganesha and Krishna balaram, I am practising Hindu, I go to temples to chant, pray and celebrates - Julia roberts

mayapoyan: +a white disgra*e saves her, like that movie was to please white ppls ego not to be historically accurate, they almost put julia roberts on harriets place role like..? and yet she almost won an oscar for it, n wtf was that beyonce song quoting john smith n pocahontas??!?!

TheMarkovOffice: GABE: Well, Toby's in charge - JIM: Wow, that's not true. GABE: Okay, while this is interesting we should get back to me, I make great use of ours. ANDY: Look, you guys and I know the deets about the girl is like,'Yeah', and Julia Roberts goes...

auto_caster_: a film by ari aster: WHITE HELL. starring julia roberts and nicole kidman

FLYINGDAKOTAF: She is a big fan of Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Holly Hunter.

babygroot4eva: No but the way I title my journal enteries are tooo funny. Todays title was “Do I look like Julia Roberts to you? Like is this pretty woman?”

crushculture___: i guess i'd do anything for julia roberts

cazzie4keya: can anyone tell me the story of notting hill (julia roberts, hugh grant)

auto_caster_: a film by denis villeneuve: THE COLLECTORS. starring jack dylan grazer, trevante rhodes and julia roberts

BritishVogue: Julia Roberts, Lisa Bonet, and more who have embraced underarm hair.

McLivingLife: Sandra Bullock & Julia Roberts … I’ll be in a movie with y’all one day

abfkjabd: Maya Rudolph vs Julia Roberts, who would win in a fight?

Life_and_Style: Julia Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, have one of the cutest families in Hollywood. ❤️ Here's proof!

friendsadiciton: thinking about the time Julia Roberts guest starred on Friends

scotnews_edits: Glasgow's first celebrity stylist-to-the-stars Ian Coleman met Iman, Julia Roberts and more | Glasgow Times

RedKahina: God this is so Ayn Randian you filthy people, propertyless parasites, have no right to the earth and atmosphere!

newseverydayorg: Sandra Bullock plans to surprise George Clooney, Julia Roberts in Australia: Rumor

baeburke: If I say “America’s Sweetheart” who instantly comes to mind? Mine is always Julia Roberts in Sleeping With The Enemy.

AudreySpeaks: YEARS ago I was lost trying to get to a job interview in NYC and in desperation I asked this lady for directions. I rushed off trying to make it and realized... it was Julia Roberts. I spun around shook af & she just smiled and waved lol

JeremyLottle: Julia Roberts will be starting as the Lead in the new movie The Batman

MichiganReflec1: Today in 1636 Harvard University was founded, in 1886 President Grover Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty and in 1965 the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri was completed. Noted people born on October 28th include Bill Gates, Julia Roberts and Jonas Salk.

anissah006: Ahhhhhh next years Halloween costume I got it Julia roberts in pretty woman ! How did I not think of that this year it’s one of my favorite movies !

RomancingNope: I feel like early 90s Julia Roberts. I want to go tell some snooty lady at a fancy boutique that she made a big mistake. HUGE.

celebheadlinesb: racist Julia Roberts cleaned Betty White on top of Joshua Tree

kevin_thecritic: “Money Monster” has a great premise and intense, charismatic performances from George Clooney and Julia Roberts, but an underwritten villain and 3rd act that overextends its concept keep it from hitting the jackpot. See it for the performances and Jodie Foster’s direction. 3/5

gard3ns0ng: julia roberts has nearly 70 film credits but i feel like that number should be higher cause i swear she was in everything at one point

Donnie_Azof: Julia Roberts can't touch her.

Donnie_Azof: Hayi Sandra Bullock is simply clear of Julia Roberts.

yilinghauru: something about women with long red curly hair hmmmmm (Julia Roberts in pretty woman, Kate Winslet in titanic)

dbfilmsociety: Cant believe Julia Roberts was in Flatliners no way you can convince me that happened

hannuhwilson: Only Julia Roberts movies while I’m sick. She is my mother.

josie_lea20: Julia Roberts playing Erin Brockovich: the original baddie

scorpiowomannn: No it’s Sarah and Julia Roberts.

brittvani: My bf not knowing The difference between Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts is just amazing

kristibrutus: Julia Roberts. How many did not marry and they were FAKE RELATIONSHIPS.

auto_caster_: a film by barry jenkins: DISTANCE. starring julia roberts, trevante rhodes and timothee chalamet

cloudyH_: Thinking about julia roberts and her curly hair.

LloydLegalist: I used to think Julia Roberts was pretty. Proves how beauty standards can change over time.

mccormicky: Easy! Julia Roberts. Fun fact I saw her at 2am in a deli in NYC while everyone was losing their minds bcs she’d just married Lyle Lovett and she was hiding out but she was hungry and needed a snack.

_LoveeKia: -i didn’t need a trailer because if it got Sandra Bullock or Julia Roberts in it ima watch it !

1215_law: PM Dr FrankenSloMo Govt gives preference Hollywood Pedophiles over Small Business Julia Roberts, George Clooney and co skipped hotel quarantine Over the past 18 months, the rich and famous enjoyed an A-list alternative to Australia’s quarantine system

SoYeahJim: Getting paid to eat M&M’s off a D is the closest I’ll ever come to having that Julia Roberts Pretty Woman moment

porterskennard: if I was beautiful I would’ve been an actress and then when I had interviews I would always have a great story about how I was named after Julia Roberts

BeefyBefany: julia roberts taylor swift khloe kardashian and jessy nelson have the most punchable faces i don’t know how to explain

LalaDarleneee: Apparently I look like Julia roberts

maerinara_sauce: julia roberts is mommy

elizabethhhsb: now i wanna cut my hair like julia roberts' hair on that friends ep

bibliomania94: Just so you know, Julia Roberts has associated herself with people like Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Mel Gibson, and other individuals who have said and done horrible things.

weaponthane: she gave me all the clues i bet i stare at the prison ceiling from my small cot bed and think, i didn’t fail at all — i proved it could be done. i make a note to call julia roberts and i go to sleep.

auto_caster_: a film by ari aster: WHITE HELL. starring trevante rhodes, nicole kidman and julia roberts

FLYINGDAKOTAF: She is a big fan of Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz and Holly Hunter.

Scarsbrook_G: Julia Roberts supporting a tyrannical government, shame on her.

ElleChorongAP: "Don’t forget I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." — Anna (Julia Roberts) to William (Hugh Grant)

auto_caster_: a film by ari aster: DISTANCE. starring anya taylor joy, julia roberts and jack dylan grazer

LaCasaDeiSogni6: Julia Roberts drinks coffee in her pyjamas during Sydney quarantine

KatzAngie: Julia Roberts drinks morning coffee in her pyjamas during Sydney quarantine

JimRosenz: Julia Roberts drinks coffee in her pyjamas during Sydney quarantine

fmdiscr: Makeup-free Julia Roberts, 53, enjoys an early morning coffee in her pyjamas as she begins her 14-day quarantine in Sydney in a $56.9million mansion via

abfkjabd: Goldie Hawn vs Julia Roberts, who would win in a fight?

wanna_feel_old: Wanna feel old? Julia Roberts is turning 61 today

FilmUpdates: Lucas Bravo has been cast alongside Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Kaitlyn Dever and Billie Lourd in rom-com ‘Ticket To Paradise’. (

OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "Smile with face, smile with mind, and good energy will come to you and clean away dirty energy. Even smile in your liver". Julia Roberts (Eat Pray Love)

NFTs_Crypto_Art: ⭐ 8bit Celebrity Face - Julia Roberts:

bestofjroberts: julia roberts and richard gere in runaway bride (1999)

TrendsWide: The Julia Roberts stone in Australia 7 stars..a $57 million mansion and is listed on the Heritage List

JonSamEdd: what is your fave julia roberts movie? mine in the comments.

gateaumon: Just a series of vine booms until Julia Roberts, and even then,,, (Yes I know I just called people who are historical figures celebrities and yes I know there are other awful/generally disliked Scorpios that could be here too, even just in October)

showbiznotices: While George Clooney and Julia Roberts enjoy their 14-day quarantine at multi-million dollar mansions their Ticket to Paradise co-stars slum it in standard government-run hotels in Sydney's CBD

Maarblek: over the years many people claimed they had uncanny ability to predict where the ~zeitgeist~ was headed but Julia Roberts banked on becoming a Global A List Sweetheart by signing on to portray a prostitute in a heartwarming romantic comedy

cbgotthepower: Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts, Fashion Awards 2019

auto_caster_: a film by denis villeneuve: WHITE HELL. starring timothee chalamet and julia roberts

Selgpyk: Does any of you have that Selena pic the one Rihanna commented somthn Abt Julia Roberts

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