Wayfarer Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


A desert life lonely it may seemA
A long journey awaitsB
But aimless you feelC
With no clear path to takeD
And no certain direction to followE
The wayfarer's heart gets dismayedF
Feel the tormenting heat during the dayG
And the cold dark eveningsH
Wait for another traveler to pass byI
Hope that they're not in hasteJ
Because they too shall leaveK
For a certain reason you knowE
They have their own journeyL
As you have your ownM
Wait again this time for rainN
But how cannot one drop of rain satisfy your thirstO
And not even a crumb of bread you broughtP
Could satisfy your hungerQ
There is but One who could satisfy your soulR
One that hears your heart's deepest longingsH
One that's with you all alongS
Oh didn't you noticeT
Were you blinded by sandsU
Or were you too in haste to get outV
Pause and you shall feelC
Neither the devouring heat nor chillW
But the One's very presence amidst everythingX
Only then you'll realizeY
He's the path and direction you've been seekingX
Now trust and walk with HimZ

Juana Liwanag
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/29/2019


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