Joyce Sutphen Together Poems

  • 1.
    My father's farm is an apple blossomer.
    He keeps his hills in dandelion carpet
    and weaves a lane of lilacs between the rose
    and the jack-in-the-pulpits.
  • 2.
    I like it when they get together
    and talk in voices that sound
    like apple trees and grape vines,

  • 3.
    I feel older, younger, both
    at once. Every time I win,
    I lose. Every time I count,
    I forget and must begin again.
  • 4.
    Talking, we begin to find the way into
    our hearts, we who knew no words,
    words being a rare commodity
    in those countries we left behind.
  • 5.
    My mind is shuffling its deck tonight,
    slipping one card over another,
    letting them all fall together at the corners;
    the random hand of memory
  • 6.
    This present tragedy will eventually
    turn into myth, and in the mist
    of that later telling the bell tolling
    now will be a symbol, or, at least,
  • 7.
    It is mid-October. The trees are in
    their autumnal glory (red, yellow-green,

    orange) outside the classroom where students
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