Next Time Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I'll know the names of all of the birdsA
and flowers and not only that I'llB
tell you the name of the piano playerC
I'm hearing right now on the kitchenD
radio but I won't be in the kitchenD
I'll be walking a street inE
New York or London aboutF
to enter a coffee shop where peopleG
are reading or working on theirH
laptops They'll look up and smileB
Next time I won't waste my heartI
on anger I won't care aboutF
being right I'll be willing to beJ
wrong about everything and toK
concentrate on giving myself awayL
Next time I'll rush up to people I loveM
look into their eyes and kiss them quickN
I'll give everyone a poem I didn't writeO
one specially chosen for that personD
They'll hold it up and see a newK
world We'll sing the morning inE
and I will keep in touch with friendsP
writing long letters when I wake fromQ
a dream where they appear on theR
Orient Express quot Meet me in Istanbul quotO
I'll say and they willS

Joyce Sutphen


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