Memorial Day Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Dulce et decorum estA
The bugle echoes shrill and sweetB
But not of war it sings to dayC
The road is rhythmic with the feetB
Of men at arms who come to prayC
The roses blossom white and redD
On tombs where weary soldiers lieE
Flags wave above the honored deadD
And martial music cleaves the skyE
Above their wreath strewn graves we kneelF
They kept the faith and fought the fightG
Through flying lead and crimson steelF
They plunged for Freedom and the RightG
May we their grateful children learnH
Their strength who lie beneath this sodI
Who went through fire and death to earnH
At last the accolade of GodI
In shining rank on rank arrayedJ
They march the legions of the LordK
He is their Captain unafraidJ
The Prince of Peace Who brought a swordK

Joyce Kilmer


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