Ballade Of My Lady's Beauty Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Squire Adam had two wives they sayA
nbsp nbsp nbsp Two wives had he for his delightB
He kissed and clypt them all the dayA
nbsp nbsp nbsp And clypt and kissed them all the nightB
nbsp nbsp nbsp Now Eve like ocean foam was whiteB
And Lilith roses dipped in wineC
nbsp nbsp nbsp But though they were a goodly sightB
No lady is so fair as mineC
To Venus some folk tribute payA
nbsp nbsp nbsp And Queen of Beauty she is hightB
And Sainte Marie the world doth swayA
nbsp nbsp nbsp In cerule napery bedightB
nbsp nbsp nbsp My wonderment these twain inviteB
Their comeliness it is divineC
nbsp nbsp nbsp And yet I say in their despiteB
No lady is so fair as mineC
Dame Helen caused a grievous frayA
nbsp nbsp nbsp For love of her brave men did fightB
The eyes of her made sages feyA
nbsp nbsp nbsp And put their hearts in woeful plightB
nbsp nbsp nbsp To her no rhymes will I inditeB
For her no garlands will I twineC
nbsp nbsp nbsp Though she be made of flowers and lightB
No lady is so fair as mineC
Prince Eros Lord of lovely mightB
nbsp nbsp nbsp Who on Olympus dost reclineC
Do I not tell the truth arightB
nbsp nbsp nbsp No lady is so fair as mineC

Joyce Kilmer


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