Heavy is the weight that I bear,
A burden too great to share,
Dragging me down, day by day,
In an endless, suffocating gray.

My mind is a prison of despair,
A dark place, where hope is rare,
And sadness reigns supreme,
In a world that's but a dream.

I struggle to find my way,
Lost in a maze, day after day,
Trying to break free, to see the light,
But always falling back, into the night.

I feel alone, isolated, and small,
As if I'm invisible, invisible to all,
And the stigma of depression, weighs me down,
Like an anchor, that will never drown.

But I know that I'm not alone,
That others have felt, what I have known,
And together, we can find a way,
To break free, from the weight of depression, one day.