Let me hold you in my arms and kiss you.
Let me recite the verses of my poor
heart which pants day and night for your presence.
Your love captures the essence of my soul.
Your consent to my loving advances
is undoubtedly my inheritance
treasured much higher than Silver and Gold.
The atmospheric ambience I enjoy
in your World is way beyond my wildest
and conceivable imagination.
For me, our romantic adventure
is more rewarding than I ever knew.
Your Ivory teeth and Marble-shaped eye-balls
are more unique than any I ever saw.
Surely my words convey my deep reverence
for the Divine hands that formed your structure.
Not a blemish nor an imperfection
can I behold in your body as a whole.
I would sacrifice a million chances
to amass the many riches untold
for nothing else in this World but to dance
with you in utmost ecstasy and Joy.
I would gladly render at your behest
my all within my capacity's walls.