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  • A Nosegay
    Say, crimson Rose and dainty Daffodil,
    With Violet blue;
    Since you have seen the beauty of my saint,
    And eke her view;...
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White 1 Golden 1 Divine 1 Shine 1 View 1 Violet 1 Queen 1 Delight 1 Face 1 Bright 1

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  • Turfsidetalk: cuts: desmond trufant, nick williams, jesse james, chase daniel, christian jones resignings: kenny golladay (tag), romeo okwara, matt prater, jamal agnew realistic signings: josh reynolds, anthony walker jr., damontae kazee optimistic signings: john johnson, marcus williams
  • Chesterapricot: mark wahlberg in a jacuzzi with burt reynolds and john c riley: call be fugly. fugly bitchler
  • Elainem11584892: staff at parliament house would have known about the rape. news /gossip travels quickly in workplaces. the cleaning staff, afraid of losing their jobs if it got out. it was covered up becauseof the election. the pressure of lying got to reynolds.
  • Somuchbullsh: grattan on friday: linda reynolds' future as defence minister is in her own hands
  • John_cronin48: lots of apathetic aussies, it's true, - but msm's false narratives are the issue, & the big 2 year cover-up effort by both morrison & reynolds, after the rape of ms higgins, all these result in a huge barrier to getting the truth out there.
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The Light That Is Felt
 by John Greenleaf Whittier

A tender child of summers three,
Seeking her little bed at night,
Paused on the dark stair timidly.
'Oh, mother! Take my hand,' said she,
'And then the dark will all be light.'

We older children grope our way
From dark behind to dark before;

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