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  • Sun
    Angel, king of streaming morn;
    Cherub, call'd by Heav'n to shine;
    T' orient tread the waste forlorn;
    Guide ætherial, pow'r divine;...
  • Moon
    Thee too, modest tressèd maid,
    When thy fallen stars appear;
    When in lawn of fire array'd
    Sov'reign of yon powder'd sphere;...
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Noemojiforthis: there's no emoji for henry rowe schoolcraft
Davidcranmerun1: lewis henry morgan and henry rowe schoolcraft about native americans in the united states, and used her speeches and writings to decry their brutal treatment. in the 1840s, long after the war, the ogden land company, a real estate venture, laid claim to the seneca tonawanda
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Sonja Lynn Schoolcraft : Henry is my great grand father

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